Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2000

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2000

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It’s December 6, 2000. Jim and Joyce just celebrated their 51st anniversary. A breakfast at the Ritz Carlton Hotel (gift from Pedersen friends from LaJolla), then to dinner with the Walters (gift from friends, De La Torres).

What an interesting year for the Van Schaack family. Traveling to northern California to see the Bensons in Sacramento, then on to Minden, Nevada to visit Dana and Nick, and on to Reno to visit Adam, Natalie and Tom. Dana’s business is going well. Nick and she are enjoying their cozy new apartment. Nick transferred to a Minden high school and has made new friends. He is also working on the slopes at Tahoe. This past summer he visited San Juan Capistrano to enjoy time with cousin Nathan, as well as his California family. Dana continues her, and will travel to Hawaii in February. Natalie lived and worked in Incline Village during part of this year. She returned to school in Reno. She is so grown-up at 17, and has a great design and color ability. Adam’s job at proven his great worth by several raises. He is planning a move to his own apartment in 2001.

From Nevada Jim and Joyce pushed on to Ashland, Oregon, where Chris and Mary moved. Mary is a top computer programmer at the Southern Oregon University. Mary intends to spend more time with her painting (such talent!). Chris is attending the University to get his masters in environmental science. They are purchasing a home and are very excited about the culture within Ashland, along with the beauty of the city. What spectacular fall colors!

The Van Schaacks also enjoyed a trip in June to Indiana, visiting friend Barbara Barnes from Joyce’s high school days in Indiana, then on to Franklin to lap in hometown luxury with sister Lorene, Lowell and the Brewer family. What a great opportunity to gain weight with Lorene’s marvelous cooking. She continues to work a day or two a week. Lowell is recuperating from pace maker surgery. The California family hopes for a visit from them during the cold winter season.

Jim and Joyce spent time at Disney World, Florida for Joyce’s commission meeting, and also visited with cousins Shirley and Ed Steele. A great time to reminisce childhood times in Indiana. Joyce also went to Washington, D.C. for another commission meeting in October. She enjoyed friends, visiting with the Decks, Derricksons, and Keri Douglas while staying over an extra night. All were dear friends during the Reagan & Bush administrations.

Jim had been busy with golf until a too long drive north, picking up a heavy printer, and/ or sitting too long in his computer chair and had a six week resting period until his 4 back disks healed. He has been designing businesses and homes in Orange Co. He now has renewed energy as he feels better. He continues drawing Hollywood and California landmarks, visit his web site: After your visit let him know what you think. He has drawn all the sites with his mouse in Coral Draw 9.

Joyce continues to take computer classes and her teachers all tell her how difficult is his task! She also continues teaching an English Second Language Adult School writing class.

Boy, what a season Nathan Van Schaack finished with his Capo Valley Christian School.

As a senior he played football with championships both seasons. He played both defense and offense on the line. Now, he is completing his last school year. After hard work for his Dad, plus several other jobs, he traded his truck for a Mustang and is enjoying some racing, as well as surfing.

Dena Van Schaack continues her nursing career studies with only a year + to become a pediatric nurse. In June, she became Mrs. Sean De La Torre, and was a beautiful bride.

Sean was a very handsome groom. They were high school sweethearts, both straight A students. Sean graduated from University of California Irvine in June, he is working for Deloitte and Touche LLP and has been traveling a good deal. They have a great apartment in Huntington Beach. After Dena finishes her Biola University Nursing Program they plan for Sean’s continuing school with his M.B.A.

Lee and Linda continue their very busy schedules. Lee is such a great builder, and well-loved by his clients. They are still very active with church, school and surfing. Linda is working part time now to spend more time with her parents. We hope her Dad, Bob’s health will improve. Our prayers are with their family.

Joyce worked for the U.S. Census, was Bush for President California South Region Educators’ Chair and completed her California Commission on Improving Life Through Service term. She now has exercise classes five days a week.
Sister Janice has completed her cancer treatment, which makes all the family so proud of how well she has done. Janice’s daughter Ronda moved to Santa Monica and has been such a great help to her Mom. Sister LaVern and daughter Cheryl continue to live in Burbank. Their remodeling projects are coming to an end as their home shines. LaVern is active with her Republican womens’ club.

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