Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2003

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2003

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Tis that Season to say hello from sunny California! The weather here has been gorgeous, time for all of you Easterners andW Mid Westerners to move west.

Joyce is stiff serving as a presidential” appointee to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation and the organization had wonderful events this year. In June, Joyce and Jim traveled to Disney World in Orlando, EL. They then traveled to Erankfin, IN where they cekbrated Loweff and (sister) Lorene’s 65’h anniversary, and Lowell’s big 90″ birthday. Joyce’s California family, (sister) LaVern, her daughter Chery, (sister) Janice, her daughters Ronda and Shelli, attended also. A favorite cousin, Larry Fox, (Joyce’s mother’s nephew) gathered long lost cousins which made for a long overdue get together. Then Larry, Peggy, Joyce and Jim also traveled to southern Indiana to find the Fox grandparents’ roots. In September the Fellowship had an event in Ohio. While there, once again, Joyce and Jim searched genealogy roots of the Van Schaack and Joyce’s Fox/Anderson families. In Cincinnati, they found Jim’s great grandfather was in the transportation business. The Van Schaack famity had migrated from New York. In Affiance, Ohio, thanks to Larry Fox, Joyce and Jim enjoyed meeting Fox second – cousins, Wade and Audrey. They visited the Eox family farm lands; cemeteries and discovered long lost roots. The Fox family had migrated to Ohio German settlements in Pennsylvania. In October the fall colors were lovely as they visited and enjoyed the warmth of Washington, D.C. in celebration of Christopher Columbus Day. They then relished a driving tour through states ending in Albany, Wyoming In Kinderhook,New York they visited historic homes of Peter and lreng Van Schaack along with cemeteries, etc.

Jim has enjoyed searching his family genealogy in 2002. He also continued his designs for remodeling homes, working with Lee in contracting jobs. He has rife has improved his golf skills, his favorite sport. He plays several days a week.

Joyce still teaches English Second Language Writing Classes in Adult Education. She is also an assistant teacher in senior computer classes. In March she was named “Worker of the Month” by the Orange County Republican Women Federated. She has contributed many, many hours in behalf of local, state and national candidates. As membership chairman of the Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated, she was pleased to have her organization garner the title of “number one” in increased memberships for the county. She also continues her aerobics and tennis

Son, Lee decided to set up a new business selling Milard Windows and Shaw Carpets. He has has remodeled an existing building in San Clemente for his showroom, and he continues his general contracting jobs. He still loves surfing. Linda is assisting in the office, playing tennis, swimming and surfing. Grandson Nathan is renting a house that he’s sharing with buddies. He also has been working with Lee full time; what a great worker he is, very talented and learns fast, Granddaughter Dena and hubby Sean have moved into an apartment in Brentwood. After her graduation she passed her state nursing exam and is now an RN. She works full time at U.CL.A. Hospital in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care unit. Sean is taking 17 units at UCLA, in their MBA program. They are such a lovely couple.

Daughter Dana moved into a lovely home. She continues her computer graphic design and web design. She is very talented and her martial arts involvement takes up much of her time. Grandson Nick a high school senior. He is is recuperating from an accident when riding in a buddy’s car. As a result he has an injured knee, which has slowed down his skate-boarding and snowboarding. The Van Schaack family enjoyed Nick’s trip during the summer to California. Grandson Adam has also moved with a buddy in Reno. He received a job promotion at IGT and a much appreciated raise in pay. Granddaughter Natalie still loves skate boarding and has worked at popular restaurants in Reno. She plans to go to college, but at the moment she is planning a month’s stay at a friend’s home in Mexico.

Son Chris and Mary continue to enjoy living in Ashland, Oregon, and have made many new friends. Chris received his Waster’s Degree in Environment Education in June. Mary is a rising star at the ‘University of Oregon in the computer area. Their time spent as members of the Elk’s Lodge has been rewarding, as well as Chris’ time heading up the local Native Plant organization. Chris has also been designing a science museum for school children. They enjoyed their community vegetable garden in the summer. A favorite sport of the couple is wind surfing.

The Van Schaack family would love to hear from each of you, and remember our invitation to come visit us in sunny Laguna Niguel, California is always open! Meery Christmas and Happy New Year.

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