Celebrating the Life of LaVern Richards 1918-2013

December 23, 2018 1675 Views

Today we are rejoicing because my dear sister LaVern joined the Lord in heaven, but there is sorrow here on earth as we release her soul to the Lord. She has been our angel on earth and a wonderful sister, Mom, Grandma and Auntie to the Anderson family and many friends.

LaVern was born in 1918 in Indianapolis, Indiana to Charles and Mabel Anderson and grew up in Indiana. She had four sisters, Lorene, LuWanna, Janice and Joyce.

Older sister Lorene was her closest friend. Both excelled in school – loving all their classes. LaVern What a great student. She could add faster than the teacher could write numbers on the board. She was proud to be the fastest in class. LaVern was always the score person in cards and games, and taught her sisters well. She was a whiz at English, verbs and all, English grammar was a favorite.

LaVern graduated from Tech High School and her first job was as an usher at the Lyric Theater. She looked great and was proud of her uniform.

Her wonderful mom Mabel died in 1932. The family lived with her dad and siblings with her Grandpa and Grandma Fox. Her Dad remarried in 1933.

After her high school graduation, LaVern and sister Lorene moved to their own apartment. LaVern introduced Lorene to Lowell Brewer who was also in the theatre management business. After their courtship and marriage in 1936, LaVern moved to a job with Chevrolet Company and dated bandleader Al Miliken, a smooth musician. They dated 6 or 7 years before marriage, however, the marriage lasted only several years.

Sister LuWanna visited California and returned to Indiana and convinced her dad and 3 sisters to move west. In Los Angeles, instead of working for someone else, the accomplished stenographer opened her own Executive Secretarial business and was quite successful.

After a whirlwind relationship she married Leon LeMaie, who just returned from the War in Europe and the handsome Marine swept her off her feet. Leon had a bad time adjusting to civil life and the marriage fell apart; however, the couple had a beautiful baby named Cheryl Jay LeMaie. LaVern lived with her family in Hollywood and worked evenings to support herself, and with the love of her father, stepmother, and sister Joyce, LaVern made her way.

When the family moved to Mar Vista, LaVern worked for an oil company. Later she moved to Long Beach, with sister LuWanna, where they raised their 2 baby girls together.

Once again LaVern, and her precious Cheryl, moved back to Mar Vista with the family. LaVern dated Cecil Richards, they were married and their little prince Kent was born. Then they purchased a home in Downey where Cheryl and Kent grew up.

After Cecil retired the couple bought an Airstream Camper and began their journey traveling throughout the USA, visiting relatives and friends. They made good travel buddies in their air stream tours.

Unfortunately, Cecil had a heart attack while they were traveling in Oregon. LaVern returned to Burbank and lived near Cheryl. LaVern worked for the L.A. Police Department. She also worked with the Los Angeles Zoo project to help save the condors. Following, she worked with the Los Angeles Water and Power Company, retiring at age 76, and lived with daughter Cheryl.

Son Kent married Jan and lived in Huntington Beach, California. Vernie loved watching Jan’s boys grow up, marry, have families and helping raise grandchildren. Kent and Jan’s lovely daughter Melissa was the light of Vernie’s eye. The family delighted in her stage shows, graduation from college and her marriage to Ryan Gallo. LaVern loved her great granddaughter Emma, and LaVern’s last picture taken in December was with her beautiful great granddaughter.

Cheryl, Kent and all of us miss our Angel on Earth, LaVern Anderson Richards, who now resides in heaven with her husband Cecil, Dad (know as Pop to all) Mother Mabel, stepmother Isabelle and sisters LuWanna, Janice, and Lorene. Her children Cheryl and Kent and her entire family here on Earth miss her terribly.

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