Jim and Joyce Visit Telluride Colorado in 1976

December 22, 2018 644 Views

Jim and Joyce and Chris Van Schaack travel to Telluride to vist Lee and Linda Van Schaack and visited main street where they saw the bank that was robbed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the old hospital that had been made into a museum, the telluride cemetary, the old jail, the old railroad terminal that was no longer in use, and the old opera house. Jim also shares some old photos of Telluride in this portion of the video. They then go see the water fall where the old power plant was located. The video shows the old mine and mill at 10,000 feet and the new mine and mill much lower. They visit the old Telluride Brewery ruins and the spring that provided the waer for the Brewery.

Then Joyce, Jim and Chris arrive at Lee and Linda’s mobile home where Lee was adding a room and found that Lee had bought the botteling equipment from the old Telluride Brewery.

While there they go fishing and visit the river across from Lee and Linda’s home.

The end of the video is from another trip to Telluride to visit Dena and see Lee and Linda’s newly built home that Jim had designed.

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