Visiting Taiwan: The Republic of China 1979

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In November 1979 Jim Van Schaack and Joyce Van Schaack and friends, the Miller’s and the Benner’s were invited by the government of the Republic of China on Tawain to spend two weeks touring Taiwan. They stayed at the Grand Hotel in Taipei. They visited a school in Taipei and talked with teachers and students about the United States and the Republic of China on Taiwan. They then attended a conference on business development in Taiwan. They visited several government building in Taipei and then visited the National Palace Museum and lunched with the Director.

They also traveled south to Kaohsiung, a large industrial area and and they ate dinner with representatives of the Mayor who took them to tour the city for several days.

When they returned to Taipei they drove through Toroko Gorge with its granite mountains and they spent the night a Sun Moon Lake.

On their way back to Taipei they say military convoys as the threat of attack by the Communist Chinese existed.

They also visited and Ami tribe of Taiwan natives.

They attended meetings and visited with old friends who were members of the ROC track team who had stayed with Jim and Joyce while visiting the United States.

They saw the President Chiang Kai-Shk Memorial under construction.

During their last night in Tiawan the Van Schaack’s and the Miller’s had dinner with General Liao Tsu-Shu and other generals at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Tiapei.

This was a difficult evening for all with much conversation as President Carter had just chosen to no longer recognize the government of Free China and instead recognized the Communist Chinese in Washington.

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