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Jim Van Schaack was born in 1928 and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is the owner of Van Schaack Design, an architectural and industrial design firm. He is also a digital artist. Jim is married to Joyce Van Schaack and he is the father of 3 grown children, Lee, Dana and Chris.


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Party at the Cormier Home Around 1962

The Cormiers’ had the entire extended family for a party at their home on Grinnell in Burbank California.

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Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria, Germany

In the summer of 1979 Jim and Joyce Van Schaack visited Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria, Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle was built for King Ludwig II of Bavaria Germany. Construction started in 1868. Plans were for 200 rooms but just over a dozen were actually fi

publish February 17, 2019 304
The Life of Frank Henri Young

The Life of Frank Henri Young began in the town of Clermont-Ferrand, France on May 15, 1921. His father Frank Howard Young was in France during World War One, where he met Frank’s mother, Suzanne Marie Motier. As Frank grew up he had a fascination for ad

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A Store is Born: Harry&David

Beginning in 1934 Harry&David, located in Medford Oregon, ran a mail order only premium food company, selling most of it’s products at holiday times and in between preparing for the holidays. In 1963 Dave H. Holmes Jr. who was president of Harry&Davi

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Broadway Plaza the Galleria
Broadway Plaza Los Angeles

The Broadway Plaza was a joint venture of Ogden Development Corporation, Broadway-Hale Stores, Inc., and Urban Centers Associates. J.L. Van Schaack & Associates, Inc. designed the 265,000 sq.ft. Broadway Department Store Interior. The store opened in Novem

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Miniature Golf With Family

Joyce Van Schaack, Chris Van Schaack, Linda Van Schaack, Dena Van Schaack and Nathan Van Schaack play miniature golf. Lots of fun!!!

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Christoper Columbus Awards
Christoper Columbus Awards at Disney World 2009

Jim and Joyce Van Schaack attended the Christoper Columbus Awards at Disney World 2009. Joyce Van Schaack was a Presidential appointee to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation. The Van Schaacks stayed at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. They en

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Republican National Convention 1980
Republican National Convention 1980

At the Republican National Convention Detroit, Michigan July 1980 Joyce Van Schaack was a delegate and Chris Van Schaack was a Page and got to hang out with the VIPs. Jim Van Schaack took photos as usual. The nominees were Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush and

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Bank of Tokyo
Bank of Tokyo West Los Angeles Branch Opening 1966

Bank of Tokyo, West Los Angeles Branch opened in 1966. Attending the opening were the President of Bank of Tokyo, Japan, California, as wellas Sterling Leach and Jim Van Schaack of Leach-Cleveland-Van Schaack.

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Glendale Federal Bank Newport Beach CA

Jim Van Schaack designed Glendale Federal Bank Regional Head Office in Newport Beach CA. Glendale Federal Bank is a two story 10,000 square foot bank. The interior was designed in 1973 by J. L. Van Schaack & Associates Los Angeles, California.

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1987 World Freedom Day in the Republic of China

Jim Van Schaack was a guest at the 1987 World Freedom Day in the Republic of China (Taiwan) held every year by The World Anti-Communist League (WACL). This particular event took place January 17-23, 1987. The theme of the event was to “Defend Freedom Aga

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Ronald Reagan Returns to California After His Presidency

On January 20, 1989 President Reagan completed his eight years as President of the United States and to show our appreciation for a job well done, a few of his friends and supporters organized a welcome home celebration at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). The or

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