Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2009

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2009

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What a fantastic year, Jim and Joyce celebrated their 60th anniversary in November with family and friends. They also celebrated several family reunions, with one in Auburn, CA, another in Ashland, Oregon, and a third one in Franklin, Indiana. What a way to go with CCFF, visiting Orlando (2 times for Joyce), Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Joyce completed her two years as President of LNRWF and co-chaired 2 CA statewide conventions, with one featuring 21 speakers in 24 hours. Attendees particularly enjoyed Republican candidates for Governor of California. She joined Saddleback College as a member of their Foundation Board of Governors. Not much time in ’09 for family genealogy, but that’s for 2010.

Jim continued being very busy with his architectural remodeling of homes in Southern California. His golf game is great, 2 days a week of that hard labor, enjoying luncheons afterwards with his buddies. He donated his creative work from his website to charities and he has been Joyce’s right arm in all she has done.

Lee and Linda have moved into their permanent home in San Clemente, CA. They continue to work hard in their general contracting business, church and surfing. Their daughter Dena, and husband Sean also moved into their new home in San Juan Capistrano, CA, with lots more space for adorable Eva Ashley who is now three, also adding Hank, their new Boxer puppy. Dena, continues as a mid-wife with Kaiser Permenente delivering around 300 babies this year.

Nathan, with his gal Kelly, and her sons Blaine and Champ moved to San Juan, Capistrano, CA followed with a fire in their garage, with no one hurt. They are waiting to move back into their home. What a delightful addition to the family.

Dana had hip replacement surgery on November 12 and is recuperating with Mom and Dad in Laguna Niguel. Nevada has been hit especially hard by the financial issues bombarding the nation and it has taken its toll on the Stamos family. Adam continues with his computer business and Dana with her design, animation and martial arts businesses, but things are slow for all. Natalie continues to work in a restaurant/bar that has made a name for itself with its great food. Nick was laid off and is looking forward to going back to school. Tom continues to weather every storm, one of the strongest people we know.

Chris and Mary have their home in Ashland, Oregon and also manage their property in Gold Beach, Oregon. Mary is working for Wells Fargo and traveling to Oakland weekly. Chris is continuing his restoration work. After enjoying our California weather they are considering returning to CA.

Joyce’s sisters Lorene and LaVern are doing fine. Vernie suffered a stroke earlier this year but with daughter Cheryl’s care is holding her own very well. Lorene continues working 2 days a week since turning 93 last November. Niece Vicki and family moved to Auburn to be with brother Steve. In 2010 nieces Sarah Post and Melissa Richards are marrying terrific fiancés, along with nephew Tim Miller and his bride-to-be.

Love to all.

Have a Wonderful New Year

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