Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2015

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2015

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2015 has flown by. We’ve made some changes in our household as our daughter, Dana, moved to California to be her favorite Dad and Mom. Our office has been turned into her busseling business in the Martial Arts field. Jim has moved his studio to the den and Joyce’s office is now in the master bedroom. With a few adjustments we are enjoying our busy lives.

Jim continues working with our contractor son Lee, designing residential projects. Jim and Joyce have had more time together, as Jim has given up on golf. We’ve miss son Chris and his wife Mary, but know they love living in Portland, and they are busy working and enjoying traveling and hiking and all of the outdoor sports they love.

Joyce and Jim took time to spend a joyful two weeks in Franklin, Indiana in May with dear sister Lorene, Marsha Karen and Bill Brewer and their lovely families. In June Lorene passed away so we were so happy to have that wonderful time with her. We are sad that we are not able to celebrate her 99th Birthday in November. The entire family is hoping to visit Indiana for a memorial service for Lorene, perhaps in June. Earlier in the year the Anderson family had a wonderful get-together memorial for sister LaVern and brother-in-law Frank Young with California family.

While in Indiana we enjoyed visits with cousins Bill Stratford and wife, and Jack Lowe, and dear friend Barbara Barnes and daughter Jennie. We not only had fun with our relatives, but we searched for more ancestors with cousin genealogist Dan Meno, who took the family to cemeteries for the Anderson clan, the Fox family, and also to Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was there that Jim found his great grandfather, Benjamin Van Schaack, and other family graves. He was thrilled to have a Civil War headstone placed on his great grandfathers grave. Ben served with the 27th New York.

Dana’s family is doing well. Son Adam helped her move to California and she really misses spending time with him. Adam continues building and repairing computers and working with electronics. Son Nick is attending MMI Motorcycle Mechanic Institute in Phoenix, AZ where he is almost finished his schooling. He is working in the motorcycle industry and has a very lovely girlfriend, Caitlin. We enjoyed their visit to Laguna Niguel earlier this year.

Natalie, Dana’s daughter, Wes and adorable Kalliope are doing well in Reno, just recently moving to larger home. Wes is an electrician’s apprentice. Natalie continues to work, and the two of them are loving their beautiful baby girl who is 18 months old. We all miss seeing and loving the three of them.

Our Lee’s business has flourished this year, leaving little time to relax. He and wife Linda are so loved by all the people they work with in business, family and church. Linda delights in being the chief of transportation for our great grandchildren Eva, Sam and Noah. Eva is nine and loves school, Brownies, volleyball and she swims with a team three days a week. She is a great student and loves her bilingual school. Sam is five and a very happy sweet child. He is in kindergarten and enjoys his family and friends. Rounding out Dena’s and Sean’s family is 19 month old Noah. He is their night owl love, and a very determined little one. Dena works two days a week as a midwife at Kaiser Hospital, and a very busy housewife and Mom. Sean now works for AT&T since they bought out Direct TV. He also runs marathons in his spare time.

Nathan and Kelly are pleased with sons Blaine’s and Champ’s high school, they are terrific young athletes, playing varsity basketball, and are also good students. Mom Kelly is managing a great restaurant in San Juan Capistrano. Nathan continues his business maintaining swimming pools and spas and occasionally works for his dad.

Joyce finished eight years on Saddleback College Foundation, and continues to enjoy the Laguna Niguel Republican Women, the Orange County Federation of Republican Women, and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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