Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2016

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2016

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Jim and Joyce celebrated their 67th anniversary this year with son Chris, Mary and all the rest of the family at Thanksgiving. They so enjoy children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Jim has completed the V.S. Family’s history to the 1300s in the Netherlands, and Joyce continues the Anderson family almost as far back. They enjoy researching ancestry, and have visited so many relatives all over the country doing so. Lee, Linda, Dana traveled with them to Auburn, CA to visit niece Vicki and family and Steve Russell, then traveled on to Reno and visited grandson, Adam. Jim continues working with son Jim (Lee) in remodeling and Joyce continues her work with the DAR, Republican Women and Saddleback College.

Jim and Linda are heading into a different chapter in their lives. Jim will be turning 65 in February and they are praying for God’s direction in the future as they move into retirement. God has been faithful in meeting their every need and they know He will continue to do so. They both thoroughly enjoyed spending time with 5 grand kids ranging from 18 to 2 1/2 years old. Latest grandchild’s adoption was just finalized in October. What a blessing.

Jim and Linda’s daughter and family, the De La Torre’s, have had a busy year. Eva is 10 years old and participated in her school play The Lion King. She loves swim team and volleyball. Sam is 6 and had fun playing soccer and baseball. He has also started Tae Kwon Do and earned his yellow belt. Noah Manuel De La Torre’s adoption was final on Oct. 5th. He has a bubbly personality and is a joy. Dena continues to deliver babies at Kaiser with over 700 deliveries. She loves her job and helping women and babies in her care. Sean has been busy with leading the NFL team at AT&T. He also enjoys running and golfing.

Jim and Linda’s son, Nate, and family, Kelly, Blaine and Champ are healthy and well. Blaine is a senior at Laguna Hills and is starting on the varsity basketball team. He recently received his first acceptance and scholarship for college in the fall and we anticipate more. We are proud and excited about his future. Champ is in his junior year also at Laguna Hills and is starting for the varsity basketball team. He continues to accelerate in school and will plan his future as well. Nate continues working for the Pool and Spa Company as a technician and takes every opportunity to surf. Kelly continues working for Trevor’s at the Tracks Restaurant in old town San Juan Capistrano as Director of Finance and Human Resources.

Jim and Joyces’ daughter, Dana Stamos and family have had a fun year. Dana loves living, working and being with family in Southern CA. She continues to travel and work in the martial arts and entertainment industry and now has 10 martial arts related websites. Adam continues working in computers and loves testing out the newest products in 3D gaming and sharing how technology continues to astound. Natalie has a new job and moved to a new home and Kalliope is growing into a very beautiful and happy little lady. This was the best year for Nick and Caitlin as Nick graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona and opened a shop for service, repair, builds, and fabrication. ( Caitlin continues to support him in every way and she is such a blessing to our family.

Jim and Joyces’ son Chris and wife Mary continue to enjoy Portland as well as spending time with friends in Ashland, Gold Beach, Lincoln City and Newport. Mary shifted from full-time work at Kaiser to follow her life’s passion as a Creativity Coach, helping clients grow and flourish creatively. Chris enjoyed participating in and presenting at the 2016 All American Laughter Conference in Kansas City MI and the Mind Your Mind Conference, Eugene OR. He facilitates well-being classes and aspires to contribute more in 2017! Together they seek optimum well-being through Qigong, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and Ayurveda Medicine! They also found themselves immersed in beauty, brilliance and inspiration at the 2016 Fish Trap Writers Conference in Wallawa Lake OR.

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