Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2011

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2011

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A well attended event in October was enjoyed by many relatives as they rallied in Southern California. The Anderson clan had a wonderful time renewing memories for the elders and fun times for youngsters (under 50). Joyce enjoyed sisters Lorene (Ind.) and LaVern (Burbank). Also visiting with Joyce and Jim in 2011 were family members daughter Dana, son Chris and wife Mary.

This year Chris & Mary moved to Klamath Falls OR. Mary celebrated her 50th birthday, as they rented a cabin with friends in the nearby Siskiyou Mountains. She is currently taking classes in preparation for entry into a Masters Program in Writing. Chris is recovering from shoulder surgery. They both enjoyed a trip to Telluride, CO. trout fishing and spending time with Lee and family. They also managed to fit in one camping trip to Eastern OR, visiting the Steens Mountains with botanist friends. They will visit Laguna Niguel for Christmas.

The Stamos family had a great 2011. Adam and a high school friend, who is now a realtor, were able to find a wonderful house in Reno where Adam and Tom have set up shop. Adam runs his computer business, Digital Chaos, and they continue to work on the house. Natalie enjoyed participating in a few fun pageants this year and did very well. She was so beautiful and articulate and funny. Both continue to work, but are looking forward to going back to school when the economy improves some. They both love to skateboard and they participated in fund raisers for friends who needed medical assistance. Nick is part of an old fraternal order of miners who also take on community projects to help the less fortunate. Dana continues working in the Martial Arts. She now owns and operates six large martial arts web sites and travels attending martial arts events with some of the world’s most famous martial artists.

Lee and Linda love San Clemente and enjoy more surfing as home building has slowed down. They are both very involved in their church as Lee continues to serve as an elder. Linda surely enjoys her tennis, she plays like a pro. She loves every moment of watching her wonderful De La Torre grandchildren grow up.

The De La Torre Family has had a busy year. Eva turned 5 years old and started kindergarten at the local elementary school where she learns English and Spanish. She loves every moment of school. Samuel turned one in August and is toddling all over the house and a true boy getting into everything! He is such a joy to have in the family. We celebrated his adoption becoming final on October 19th. YAY! Dena and Sean are busy with work. Sean still is able to work out of the house four days a week and Dena is still working 1-2 days a week at Kaiser while mom Linda adores watching the kids. Their house is filled with a lot of joy, giggling, and a little bit of chaos thrown in to make life exciting.

Lee and Linda’s son Nathan and his Kelly are enjoying Kelly’s sons Blaine and Champ. They spend a great deal of their time with sports for the boys, while carrying busy work schedules. They take all opportunities to vacation locally.

Besides enjoying family visits Jim continues his golf (with the exception of time out for cataract surgery), genealogy of Van Shaack family from Holland to Albany, New York, and his Japanese gardening. Joyce continues in politics, her family genealogy and DAR, Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge, Board of Governors at Saddleback College and aerobics. It’s been a great year. The family is truly blessed.

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