Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2018

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2018

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Jim and Joyce continue their 69 years together going to church and enjoying Joyce’s families’ visits. Joyce worked tirelessly on the California elections and with the DAR. They also continue to make new discoveries with family genealogy. Jim has retired and has been transferring old family movies, photographs and slides, and creating videos which will soon be on the families new

It has been an exciting year for Lee and Linda as Lee retired in early September and the two of them have been busy hardscaping and landscaping their front yard. Thankfully they had help from Chris and friends. All are excited to see the landscaping as the plants mature. As always Lee and Linda continue to enjoy their six grandchildren, Blaine 20, Champ 19, Claire 16, Eva 12, Sam 8 and Noah 4 and are thankful the kids all reside close by in San Juan Capistrano. Lee and Linda were also able to get away for a few days this year to relax and go fishing with close friends in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The De La Torre Family has had a busy year. The kids are growing up fast. Claire (16) just finished the musical GREASE at school. She has fallen in love with dance and musical theater. Eva (12) is an avid volleyball player and just started her Club volleyball season. Sam (8) loves anything outdoors, reading, and video games. Noah (4) is a bundle of energy and keeps everyone on their toes. He loves preschool and was the Donkey in his preschool Christmas play. Sean is a senior developer at AT&T and still running when he has free time. Dena is busy driving 4 kids around to all their activities and still enjoys working part-time as a midwife at Kaiser.

Nate, Kelly and family have been traveling and vacationing in between working hard. Kelly continues with the Academy National Tours and Champ recently graduated from high school and went to work for Nate at his company, NVS Pool and Spa. Champ wants to take over the business eventually. Blaine has joined the U.S. Air Force and he will be leaving in February for basic training. The Air Force is so lucky to get him, but he will be missed by all.

This has been a fantastic year for the Stamos Family. Dana continues expanding her services through her company, Martial Arts Enterprises. Adam began a career working for Automated Temperature Controls or ATC, the company that provides Access Control, Lighting and Climate control for companies like the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. He loves his job and has made himself indispensable in the company. Natalie graduated 2nd in her class from Carrington College as a certified Medical Assistant, and is working in the healing environment of Family First Chiropractic in Reno. She is the Patient Advocate, nurturing patients, doing x-rays and scans, and taking doctors notes. Kalliope (4) is going to a fantastic school. She is bright and happy and loved by all. Nick loves working with motorcycles at his shop, CrossThread Customs in Tempe, AZ. The shop does builds, service, restoration, repairs, maintenance and fabrication. He also loves his art and painting in all mediums. He and beautiful Caitlin have a wonderful life together as Caitlin continues to excel at her firm, JLL, where she was named the FAB (Finance Above and Beyond) winner for thinking BIG” and playing a critical role in the company.

Chris came and stayed in southern California for a few months and then decided to travel through Australia. He is meeting new people, seeing new places, and sharing his trip with all of us through phone calls and his wonderful photos on Facebook. He continues with his awareness practice of Laughing To Thrive in Australia, and, although Chris and Mary ended their 25 year marriage recently, Chris is excited about his future and about spending more time with family and friends in southern California when he returns home again soon.

Jim Van Schaack's 90th Birthday

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