Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2017

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2017

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2017 is almost over and 2018 will be here too soon. Jim and Joyce Van Schaack’s 68th wedding, and son Chris 57th birthday, so the family enjoyed thanksgiving celebrations together with twenty family and friends.

The Van Schaack’s were thinking about Joyce’s sisters Janice and Lorene with November birthdays, surely they celebrated with sister’s LuWanna and LaVern, along with niece Vicki Mehall, as she passed away this year. All are missed so much. Family enjoyed niece Jessica’s marriage to Chris Elkins.

Son Lee and wife Linda have had a busy year, as they continuing working in their home remodeling business. Their daughter Dena, and Hubby Sean, happily accepted Noah as their son after his adoption was complete when he turned two. He is a very active young three year old now. An active Sportsman and martial artist, Sam, turned six this year. Eleven year old Eva continues her classes in Spanish and plays volleyball and swims. The family also welcomes a new sister, Claire, who is fifteen and very helpful. She is well loved by her new family. Dena still delivers babies at Kaiser Hospital two days a week with over a thousand deliveries and Sean continues with DirectTV.

Son Nathan and Kelly have been busy with businesses and taking sons Blaine and Champ camping when time allows. Blaine is studying at Saddleback College and Champ is now a senior in high school.

Joyce and Jim’s daughter, Dana, has been busy rebuilding many of her websites which are the largest most visited martial arts websites in the world. She has a beautiful grand daughter iri Reno named Kalliope, a delightful 3 year old. Kalliope’s Mom Natalie, hefUncle— Adam and Grandpa Tom keep her busy. This year Natalie graduated with her Medical Assistance Degree and is working in a family medical practice. Adam continues with his computer business and is has also been studying to get his networking certificates.

Son Chris is back in Orange County with family and everyone is enjoying his return. He is planning trips to New Zealand and Australia in the near future and is creating a new business teaching and facilitating Laughing Yoga.

Dad Jim continues working with clients working with son Lee in their different activities while Joyce has cut back on her charity and political work to enjoy family.

Merry Christmas to each of you. Have a great New Year and come visit Laguna Niguel.

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