Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2010

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2010

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It’s time again to share our wonderful 2010 with family and friends: Jim and Joyce continued their yearly travel to Indiana and Orlando in June, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. in July, and then returned to D.C. in September with great Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation events.

They continue their love of genealogy by enjoying the Kutztown German Festival in July, along with wonderful friend Stanley Adams, a great genealogist and host; they also visited Hummelstown, PA. Joyce’s mother’s family emigrated there in 1736 from Germany. Her 4th grandfather Johannes Fredrick Hummel fought with Washington in the French and Indian War, then the American Revolution.

Jim was excited to find information on his 2nd Great grandfather Aaron Van Schaack in Albany, New York, and yes, they were Dutch! Along with researching his family tree, Jim enjoys playing golf twice a week and lunches with his buddies afterwards. Jim architectural business has slowed down, now he can spend more time working on his web site and his Japanese garden.

Joyce enjoys serving on the Saddleback College Board of Governors, assisting in raising scholarship funds, and volunteering at the Veterans Center. The college has enrolled over 1200 returning veterans. She also volunteers with the Orange County Chapter of Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge, the DAR, and working with the Republican Women Federated. Her aerobic classes are an important part of her week.

Joyce’s sister LaVern and niece Cheryl visit Laguna Niguel for weekend stays. It is always a joy to be with them. Joyce and Jim also visited sister Lorene in Indiana. Most of the Indiana family joined them for terrific R & R. Lorene celebrated her 94th birthday this year; LaVern turned 92, and Joyce 80, what a lovely life they have all enjoyed.

Son Lee (aka Jim) and Linda have moved to a new home in San Clemente, well, not new, but the home Linda enjoyed during childhood summer vacations. Linda’s mom celebrated her 90th birthday at her assisted living home, with many new and old friends and family. Lee continues working his contracting business even during slow times. Daily surfing relieves stress and there are lots of church activities as they continue serving the Lord. The couple enjoyed vacationing in Australia during the summer.

Linda’s tennis games are her next to favorite job, but she really enjoys caring for grandchildren Eva and Sam several days a week, as Dena nurses at Kaiser Hospital.

A precious new baby, Samuel, came at birth as a miracle (adoption) to granddaughter Dena and hubby Sean. It made Great granddaughter Eva ecstatic to have a handsome, chubby cheeked baby brother. She enjoys soccer, ballet, preschool and just playing. She bakes cookies with Great grandma Joyce whenever possible. Eva is a delightful 4 year old, plus being extremely smart (good genes).This family enjoys church, grandparents, great grandparents, and a dog named Hank!

Grandson Nathan lives in San Juan Capistrano with Kelly and her sons Blaine and Champ. Nathan works locally with a pool company, and Kelly is an accountant with a general contractor. The family loves the boys’ athletics and has great fun in all their activities and travels.

Daughter Dana stayed the summer at a friend’s home in San Clemente. She has expanded her one of her many martial arts websites, in eight different languages. She promoted the Karate Kid Challenge and the new Karate Kid movie, working with Sony pictures. She owns and operates USADOJO.COM,,,,, The, and Check her sites out when you have time! The year has been a challenge for Dana’s family Tom, Adam, Natalie and Nick, but as usual all is working out. Adam and Tom have a beautiful new home which houses Adam’s “Digital Chaos” Computer business. Jobs in Nevada are very scarce and layoffs extensive and Nick was laid off from his assistant motorcycle mechanics job, but he has picked up work with the ski resorts and other businesses. Natalie is as beautiful as ever and continues working hard. All hope to travel to Southern California in 2011.

Chris and Mary were in Laguna Niguel with the family for Thanksgiving, sharing their newest adventures. They rented their home in Ashland, OR and moved to a lovely condo in Marin County, CA. Mary has been contracting with Wells Fargo as a computer programmer and Chris continues his environmental work. The pair will be spending Christmas in Hawaii.

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