Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1975

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1975

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It’s that magical time of the year as the smell of pine fills the air. It’s time to bake Christmas goodies; listen to carols; trim the tree and snoop through the presents; to do the last minute shopping and enjoy the sparkle and glisten of lights. It’s time to set out the stockings, the glass of milk and cookies for Santa: How lucky we are to take the time to celebrate the Christ child’s birthday.

The Van Schaacks have been blessed in 1975. Yes, those wedding bells rang out in April as Linda and Lee were wed. What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. They’ve spent the year in Telluride, Colorado, a new ski resort with a fabulous turn-of-the-century town. They have a neat trailer and are cozy when the weather outside is frightful. Lee has become a skilled carpenter and Linda works for a dentist. We truly envy their lives, so peaceful in that beautiful part of God’s country, where they are very active in their Christian lives. Jim, Joyce and Chris could hardly wait to vacation with them. While we fished for trout there, a sudden storm came up; Jim and Joyce ran for the car. Linda and Chris continued fishing; they pulled in so many trout that they feasted that evening! (Lee says that he has to hide Linda’s pole so she’ll go to work during the week.)

Chris added many “old” bottles and antiques to his museum from Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. Mom and Dad added slides and movies to their collections. Chris turned fifteen in November and is a good student at Taft High School. He managed to take time from his heavy schedule of studies to hook up a very old telephone in his museum, even though one has to shout to be heard! He exhibited many of his collections at a 4th of July Rally at our Councilman’s home and had an extensive article and picture in the newspaper.

Dana is on her way home for Christmas. She was deeply involved in drama during her 3rd year at the Uni. of Redlands; traveling weekends with a group called the “Lampposts.” They spread their spiritual light bringing tears and laughter to their audiences. During summer vacations a small group wrote and acted in a children’s fantasy which was fantastic. After summer vacation Dana signed with the Covenant Players, a Christian acting group. They toured Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and Michigan for four months.

Jim has moved his office back to the Valley, after 3 years of commuting 40 or more miles each day, plus traveling up the coast, etc. His store designs this year include the Emporium Capwell, Rexall, McDonalds, El Rancho, and Glendale Federal Savings in Newport. He’s promised to slow his pace in 1976.

Joyce graduated from C.S.U.N. and has 18 units towards a Master’s Degree in Educational Media. As a member of the L.A. Board of Education’s Bicentennial Comm, she has been working on a T.V. show entitled “History of Toys.” Jim and she have been photographing children, etc. She taught reading improvement in summer school at Hale Jr. High School. Jim helped with many creative and stimulating ideas! As president of the Tarzana Republican Women’s Club Joyce attended the National Convention in Dallas, Texas. She was proud to bring the 260 members the highest Diamond Award for all their activities during the year. They won 7 awards within the State, Division and County of Los Angeles. Joyce received a Resolution from the California Assembly and a Congressional Award from Congressman Barry M. Goldwater, Jr. She passed her gavel to a great new president and started work for former California Governor Ronald Reagan, candidate for the President of the United States. How proud she is to work for such an honest and great man!
The Van Schaacks and their families will be together in Tarzana for Christmas. We thank God for 1975 — our prayer for 1976, a blessed 200th Birthday for our country, and continued freedom of worship. May we work together for peace and good will for all men.

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