Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1978

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1978

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1978 has been an historical year for the Van Schaacks! As teaching ended in February, Joyce and Jim retreated to Santa Barbara for a week’s rest. There, to their surpise, they found the Santa Barbara Presidio, dating to the 1700s, being excavated. Jim’s Nikon was quickly put to use. After the Presidio came the missions in the area, filmed for a slide show. In Los Angeles the couple also started filming sites and museums for presentation on local Indians and were thrilled to film authentic Chumash dancers. All the family enjoyed the King Tut exhibit. This but whetted the appetite and when a friend mentioned a photography tour of Europe, the dreaming really started. So, betwixt Jim’s department store des and Joyce’s teaching, the stage was set. In August they visited Lucerne, Switzerland; Innsbrook and Salzburg, Austria; Germany’s Rothenbur delburg and Rhine Country, with oh, so many lovely castles; into Amsterdam, Holland; through Belgium to Paris, France; hovercraft to Dover and train to London. You must come see the slides on Jim’s 6′ X 6′ screen.

Dana was involved with a Christian Musical, “Come Follow Me” as a production assistant and performer during January, February and March. The program was a smashing success. Dana met a handsome young bachelor named Tom Stamos, also involved in the church program. Tom graduated from Ohio State University, was an officer in the Air Force and just completed his commercial pilot’s license. They became close friends while working on the show. They became engaged on June 11th with a beautiful wedding following on July 22nd. Tom and Dana bought a home in Santa Cruz where Tom is an administrator with the Santa Cruz Insurance Center. Jim and Joyce spent a lovely Thanksgiving at their home, situated in the hills above Santa Cruz. Dana is enjoying homemaking and takes sewing lessons. She models in her spare time. A recent revelation to the couple is they will be soon filling their spare bedroom with a cherished progeny arriving around June 15th.

The Van Schaack Ills are proud to announce the completetion of their home, among the Colorado pines, in time for the family to gather for Christmas and, then….in February they are expecting a new arrival: Lee and Linda have been working hard since the beginning of summer, contracting and building their beautiful home. Linda has divided her time between building, working and mothering Patty and Marcy, their springer spaniels! She retired from the dentist’s office in November to become #1 overseer of the construction of their home. Congratulations to them both!

Chris graduated with honors from Taft High School. He worked most of the summer in Colorado, and returned, along with Lee and Linda to be in the wedding party. He has been taking 13 units at C.S.U.N and looking forward to completing finals December 22nd before returning to Colorado for Christmas and January. His long term goals — historical restoration! Chris is quite an accomplished horticulturists, plus a darn good mechanic. His museum is bulging at the seams, too.

All the Van Schaack family has been blessed by all the good events during 1978, and by having all the wonderful friends and relatives. They are looking forward to a great 1979. Please come by and see them, or don’t be surprised if they drop by, now that they are globe trotting!


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