Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1979

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1979

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1979 has been a truly blessed year, as two new babies arrived, Dena Marie Van Schaack, January and Adam Michael Stamos, June 11th. Dena is beautiful little girl with her Dad’s brown eyes, and her Mother’s beautiful nose and smile. She has two teeth appearing, and is already taking steps. Little Adam looks like his Dad, Tom, with dark brown eyes He is a happy little fellow and giggles and talks – in Greek, no one is quite sure. Linda and Lee moved into their new home in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. They have been busy adding the finishing touches. Linda and Dena, along with Patti and Marci (no longer pups), love long walks (getting shorter as the days get colder). It is expected that Dena will soon be up on skis, followed by spring fishing in a nearby stream. Her Daddy, Lee, has been building another home for a neighbor, roofing their church, etc. Last October the family visited L. A. and worked Grandparents Jim designing a spec house for 1980 to be built in the lovely Rockies.

Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Jim arrived in Santa Cruz to be on hand when Adam was born as Tom did the honors in a natural childbirth home del (doctor and staff were there also). What a beautiful experience for all. Grandma stayed on hand an extra week or so to spoil Adam. Aunt and Cousin Dena also arrived to welcome Adam when he was a few days old. Linda’s lovely sister, Cathy, and her family live in Santa Cruz, had a lovely time Linda, Dena and Grandma then flew back to L.A. Since then Dana has been enjoying motherhood. Tom continues to advance executive at the Santa Cruz Insurance Center. He has continued to build his flight hours in the air. Dana, Tom and Adam have made many nel and belong to a growing church fellowship. Dana will be running the church nursery come January. No wonder she’s been taking toymaking classes while Tom coaches a boy’s soccer team.

Chris spent several months helping Lee build his home in Colorado, He was on hand when Dena arrived and really enjoyed her. After returning he continued in construction and returned to college, taking 12 units at night. His historical and memborbelia museum continues to grow. He is rebuilding an English Mini Cooper automobile and is still a fish farmer.

Joyce and Jim spent the month of August visiting England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They had a marvelous time, learned to love “white” crumpets, bagpipes, Irish Whiskey, museums, cathedrals, subways, Irish jokes, etc., etc Jim took thousands more pictures and they’re great. Joyce is putting a script together with the slides on English history for an independent class at the University. She is also working on a film about the Indians of the L.A. area to be used in U.S. History classes. The films are not completed as yet, perhaps because she is coundeling full time at Taft High School. A second reason might be that Jim and she were invited to the Republic of China on Taiwan for two weeks. They were wined and dined while learning more about Free China. The tiny island’s progress has been truly remarkable since 1949, with a first class industrialized economy. Joyce visited Taiwan in 1973 and was amazed at the progress since that time. Jim and Joyce have been active in a Chinese Cultural group and more recently involved in the keep Free China free movement. Jim’s photographs of the island are breathtaking. What a pleasant surprise as when they return Dana, Tom, Chris and Adam had a 30 year anniversary party for them. Since then Grandpa Jim has been very busy putting together a pilot program for Woodbury University and will teach seniors store planning and design. Next year it will be a graduate program. He will make an excellent instructor.

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