VAn Schaack Christmas Letter 1986

VAn Schaack Christmas Letter 1986

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The Van Schaack family continued their typical busy time in 1986. Chris graduated Cum Laude from the University with a major in International Finance. His love of travel has taken him around the world in ’86, leaving in June for Hawaii (3 weeks), Japan (2 months), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burma, China (I month), India, Russia (1 month), Sweden, Denmark (to visit his “Danish family” from school in ’84), Italy, Greece, and concluding his trip on the East Coast in search of a graduate university. He just turned 26 while in Russia. He has been missed by California family and friends.

Mom Joyce and Dad Jim enjoyed an October trip to Telluride, Colorado, to see Lee, Linda, Dena and Nathan. They arrived on a beautiful fall day and woke up the next day to find an overnight snowy paradise. Everyone had a delightful time as Lee gave the grand Telluride tour along with a tour of his business of remodeling, additions and building sites which included condos and homes. What a magnificent designer and builder! He is well known in the community and recently was elected President of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association. Lindy continues as a great mom, volunteer at church and gives a good deal of time as a volunteer at Dena’s school. She has also taken over as Lee’s secretary and bookkeeper — keeping all employees on their toes. Dena is a straight-A student and loves school and her teachers. She’s almost 8 and quite a beauty. She’s been selected as a member of the Telluride gymnastic team. She will start skiing 2 afternoons a week through her school program — quite a little athlete. Nathan, a quiet sweet 4-year-old full of love and kisses, is amazingly athletic! He’ll start the Comet Ski Program. He’s always helmeted and on a bike at home. The family all goes dirt biking on the Montrose slopes. With all that fun, it was hard for Jim and Joyce to leave lovely Colorado and the Rockies to return to Los Angeles.

In November Mom and Dad went to Reno to visit the Stamos family for a great Thanksgiving holiday. The family left their Scotts Valley, California home several months ago as Tom received a tremendous promotion to Vice President of his insurance brokerage firm of Corroon and Black in Reno. He’s doing very well and the family all love their new home. Tom says it’s great not driving hours to work. Dana loves staying home and enjoying her family and new house. They attend Reno Christian Fellowship Church where the children have new friends in Sunday School. Nicholas is a very verbal mellow redheaded two-year-old. Natalie is now three and also a lovable little doll –and very verbal! Dana says they have wild horses coming down their street to eat the lawn “outside” and wild Greek Indians “inside”! The two little ones are very active and enjoy each other’s company. They ride bikes, climb on their new play structure, and play house — imitating “Gramma Joyce & Poppa Jim.” Adam is a great “older brother” studying karate to keep ahead of the two little ones. He loves bike riding and school — with reading the most important part of his day. He will be skiing soon also.

It was an exciting day when the family woke and mom and dad shared the first snow the little ones had ever seen. It was with reluctance that Gramma and Poppa returned home!

Jim’s Dad and his bride Elizabeth love their new home in McMinnville, Oregon, on the Michael Book Golf Course and they are great! Isabelle (Joyce’s Mom) is not as well this year as her family would wish.
Jim recently joined the Scottish Rite and the Shrine and continues as an officer in his Masonic Lodge. Last summer, Hoosiers Lorene and Lowell (Joyce’s sister and brother-in-law) visited and Joyce’s sisters and their husbands enjoyed the Shrine Anniversary events in Los Angeles. Jim continues his designing and building with United Design Associates as well as teaching in their design school.

Joyce continues teaching at Los Angeles Mission College. She was pleased to be reappointed to the IACE, a Presidential Advisory Commission with the U.S. Dept. of Education — traveling to Washington, D.C. on projects. She left the California Republican Party in March to join Presidents Reagan’s political action committee, Citizens for the Republic, as Finance Director. She coordinated numerous events, including a reception at the White House with President and Mrs. Reagan. She also continues to work “advance” for the Reagans in Los Angeles.

The Telluride, Reno and Tarzana families will join together in California for the Christmas holidays, and look forward to sharing your Christmas letters.

God bless you, and come visit sunny Tarzana!

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