Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1985

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1985

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HELLO FROM BEAUTIFUL TARZANA, CALIFORNIA. Good news of 1985: Jim’s Dad visited a friend of 40 years, Elizabeth Logan, in McMinnville, Oregon and it was instant love. They married with nuptial agreements made. Dad became Episcopalian and our new Mom became Republican, Since then the folks have vacationed in Yellowstone and Alaska. Joyce and Jim have visited them several times and found only happiness. What a blessing for these two precious people.

Joyce’s Mom, Isabelle, decided to move into a lovely Toluca Lake Retirement Home whore she can be active with LaVern, Janice, Joyce and families. She’ll miss her dear friends in Banking, California. All the Anderson families are fine and busy Jim has worked hard in 1985 with United Design Associates. He 14 now a proud Third Degree Mason and an officer in his lodge. He is enjoying a beautiful blue Thunderbird. Jim anu Joyce traveled to Canada via Washington, Oregon and California on vacation and enjoyed the restful trip immenselm. Jim was proud to be named “Member of the Year” in the International Institute of Store Planners.

Joyce, Community Affairs Director of the California Republican Forty, has a lovely new office in the Ronald W. Reagan Repubican Center in Burbank. She spent time in Washington, D.C. serving as a Presidential Appointee for the Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education, along with Republican business ventures. Her last trip was a memorable one as she flew on Mrs. Reagan’s return flight. She has been honored to work with the Advance teams for both the President and Mrs. Reagan. Joyce continues to teach at L.A. Mision College in Developmental Communications.

Lee, Linda, Dena and Nathan are visiting California for the holidays. They look forward to moving back after selling their Colorado hideaway. Now, however, they are skiing in the White Rockies. Dena, almost 7 and quite a young lady, loves school and excels in math and reading. She is enjoying skiing classes and is already a preteen in gymnastics. Little Nathan was 3 in September and enjoys his Mom while Dena is in school, as well as Boots (a black kitty with white paws) and Glory (an active springer spaniel puppy). Linda is active with Dena’s school and enjoys skiing and church work. She’s a perfect Mommy! Joyce enjoyed a restful time with them in Colorado. Lee is still contracting and doing fantastic remodel work. He is adding a downstairs apartment in their home and a 2 story garage. He’ll miss skiing but the family looks forward to surfing and sunning in California!

Tom and Dana bought a lovely new home in Scotts Valley (near Santa Cruz). The family now has room to spread. Adam is 6 1/2 and a top student in his class at Baymonte Christian School. He is enjoying riding his bike on their culdesac. Tom is top producer at Corroon & Black, an insurance brokerage firm in San Jose. Little Natalie is 2 1/2, has dark hair and eyes like Adam, and keeps up with Adam — what a little pistol, and Nick is 15 months old with beautiful red hair, blue eyes and a lovable disposition. The two little ones are top trouble makers at home for their Mom, Dana, and she says she’s top candidate for a rest home. Her days are full, Joyce knows, as she baby-sat while Dana and Tom travelled to Nashville, Tennessee for 4 days. What a joy the grand childrew, are!

Chris just turned 25 and is graduating in two weeks from Califoria State University Northridge with honors. What a long pull this year! He finished his studies in Denmark and continued traveling through Europe – Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, England and Germany. After returning he managed to travel 12,000 miles in the U.S.A. during the summer. He just returned from New York visiting Per and Grethe, his Danish “parents”. He is studying finance, communications and assertion classes at school. He may travel to the orient in ’85. Mom, Dad and family are very proud of all his accomplishments. Well, guess the Van Schaacks are a busy group of people. Their only complaints are they just don’t see family and friends as often as they like, but will slow down to smell the roses in ’86. Joyce and Jim met just 40 years ago and celebrated their 36th Anniversary in November. They hope friends will come and visit them as they look forward to spare time in ’86.

God bless each of you and may 1986 be a memorable one.


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