Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1988

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1988

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Well, 1988 is about to end. The VAN SCHAACK families are weathering the storms and enjoying the beautiful sunshine –and counting their blessings.

Chris is as busy as a bee in his own business of building and remodeling. He is currently studying the banjo, Thai cooking and basket weaving for enjoyment. He is quite a chef and is a surfing and diving enthusiast.

Jim is actively participating in the Masons and is continuing as Vice President of United Design Associates, where he has designed and remodeled stores and homes. Joyce and Jim certainly enjoyed Granddad Va n Schaack’s birthday party in McMinnville, Oregon during the week of the 4th of July. They returned again in October as Mother-in-law Elizabeth passed away. What beautiful friends Granddad and Elizabeth had and their four year marriage was a most memorable one. Friends and family will continue to ease Granddad’s sorrow. Elizabeth was a gracious and lovely lady.

Joyce, as you may remember, changed jobs to work with the U.S. Small Business Administration in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She spent 8 months in a lovely apartment with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Either she or Jim commuted each weekend. Her work included coordinating International Trade Seminars, Women in Business Conferences and cemented the S.B.A. Service Center at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. She continued her advance work President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan. Currently, Joyce is back in Los Angeles working as the Regional Administrator’s Representative for the U.S. General Services Administration. The family was saddened in the loss of their Nanaw last February. Isabel Anderson will be sorely missed by her loving family.

Dana, Tom, Adam, Natalie and Nicholas Stamos are loving their home in Reno, Nevada. Adam is a third grader and so proud of his nearly all “A” report card. He was top salesman for the Christian school in candy sales and won a bike for Natalie (who helped him in his sales of candy — who could say “no” to these darlings?). Natalie is in kindergarten. She is learning to read and write and is “almost adult” cause she’s learned to tie her shoes. Nicholas still has those blue eyes and red hair. He loves Merry Berry Preschool. There are new children living on their block and the youngsters love to ride their BMX bikes over wooden jumps. All the children love Nintendo and other T.V. video games. The family loves attending Adam’s soccer games as Dad Tom is coach. Tom continues as Vice President of Coroon and Black Insurance Association. Tom travels a good deal, serves as President of the Hidden Valley Homeowners’ Association and is a great babysitter. Dana continues her with running the Washoe County Special Olympics, church, children and cooking. She traveled to L.A. in October to help President Reagan’s activities and was a great help to Mom Joyce.

Lee (known as Jim in San Juan Capistrano circles) continues using his building skills and working with their church. He started a financial business with A.L. Williams and has blossomed into quite a salesman. His background in building, real estate and investments has helped. Linda continues caring for her family, chairing the Missionettes (Dena’s craft group), serving her church (she works daily with the San Juan Capistrano Christian Church where both Dena and Nathan attend fourth and kindergarten classes). Dena loves spelling, math and is an excellent student. The family spends spare time boogie boarding, skin boarding and surfing. They enjoy the beach as much as they did the Colorado Rockies. Nathan is such a strong young man and does so very well for his age. He specially likes his Bible classes and is learning to read and write. He’s also a great soccer player in the National Youth Soccer Team. You should see the family on their mountain bikes and motorcycles in the hills overlooking the ocean.

Yes, 1988 has been a challenging year — 1989 will be a brighter year. GOD’S BLESSING TO EACH OF YOU

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