Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1989

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1989

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Chris left for McMinnville, Oregon to visit Granddad Van Schaack. They will return together for Christmas. This is a short vacation for Chris, who has been working hard in his own construction business. He also vacationed in Mexico last summer and enjoyed scuba diving. He’s so tall and good looking. Chris turned 29 in November. He’s quite a perfectionist (takes after his Dad — his work is done one way, just great). He’s also a nice young man.

Granddad Van Schaack visited Los Angeles for his July 4th birthday celebration, which included Joyce’s family. He turned 85 and still rides his bike daily. He was just “adopted” by the professional Portland Hockey team and recently traveled to Vancouver with the group. He is very active with his church and many friends in Oregon.

The Stamos family are all active in their church in Reno, Nevada. The youngsters participate in the AVANA youth activities. The children are now attending the Hidden Valley Public School where they are meeting and enjoying new friends. Adam and Natalie have joined the computer club and both study piano. Adam is busy with soccer, is an honor student in the 4th grade and loves reading. Natalie is 6, still all girl and loves to dress up. She, too, is a great student. Nick, age 5, is called an “outgoing pistol” by his parents. He still is a computer whiz, also loves reading, school and friends. The family’s newest member is Tapestry, a kitten so-called because of her fur coat.

Dana enjoys computer programing and was recently approached to become the Executive Director of the Reno Executive Club. Her community involvement includes Public Relations/Media Chairman for the Washoe County Republican Central Committee, Secretary of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women of Reno, classroom volunteer at school and PTA member. Tom continues his insurance business at the Coroon and Black Reno office — travels a good deal and is a Marathon swimmer. He looks forward to some “free” time to continue his piloting.

Lee (Jim to friends), Linda, Dena and Nathan continue in their church activities. Lee serves as a Deacon, head of the maintenance team and teaches 1st graders in Sunday School, Linda teaches 2nd and 3rd graders, and continues as leader of the Missionettes. She also works daily at the church school in San Clemente. The family still surfs, boogie boards, and plays at the beach. Dena vacationed in Hawaii with friends during the summer. She is almost 11 and a 5th grader. She works very hard and has excellent grades. Nathan is 7 and a first grader. Also a terrific student — particularly loves reading. He has great balance and what a skate boarder. The family’s newest boarders are Thumper and Scooter (hopefully the same sex ’cause they’re rabbits). Cops, Dena and Nathan are both “Goalies” for their year round soccer teams. Lee continues working with A.L. Williams, a financial services company that is a subsidiary of Primerica. He is a Regional Vice President. The family sold their Colorado home and purchased another house in San Clemente.

Jim continues to work too hard, is active in the Masons and the Committee to Conserve Chinese Culture. He still finds time to teach. Joyce continues to teach at L.A. Mission College and just joined Childhelp USA as Director of Special Events and Corporate Development. This nationwide organization fights child abuse with a Village in Beaumont, California that serves 80 children and has a nationwide Hotline for abused children. She recently traveled to Washington, D.C. with the Co-Founders as the organization is planning a second village in Virginia soon. She continues advancing President Bush and Vice President Quayle’s trips to Los Angeles.

Jim and Joyce visited Italy in September, enjoying the beautiful cities of Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Capri, Sorrento and Pompei with a tour. They continued with Jim driving to the lago (lake) country — Garda, Como, Strada and Stressa. Luckily Jim had to drive only a few days. What a crazy country of drivers — and we thought Los Angeles was bad!!! His slides are great. You’re welcome to come and see ’em. Hopefully, they will visit Scandinavia countries and the Republic of China in ’90. Have a wonderful 1990. Bless you all.

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