Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1992

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1992

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Dear Ones,

1992 is about to close and the VAN SCHAACK FAMILIES have much to celebrate. We have also had to say “until we meet again” to some dear friends.

Chris and Mary Theis have set their wedding date for April 3, 1993. They have been busy remodeling their home in Chatsworth, California. Someday they will build another home on this large lot in the Santa Susanna Mountains. They share a friend in their new puppy, an Australian Shepherd named Mercury. Mary is a computer expert for Health Net, and Chris continues as a general contractor. They are so perfect for each other, and they are truly blessed.

Tom, Dana and family have moved into their new winter wonderland home in Galena Forest on the Mt. Rose Highway outside of Reno, Nevada. Tom has been busy developing an insurance program which deals with labor issues of the ’90’s called EPIC (Employment Practices Insurance Program). He has worked with Lloyds of London to develop this program and he has spent a great deal of time traveling back and forth to Europe. Dana is continuing to build her computer busi-ness, working on more graphic design projects. Adam is in the 8th grade, and loves junior high. He is quite an artist and a good writer. Natalie is a beauty, and she wants to be an entertainer when she grows up. Nicholas still has his bright red hair, and he is a real mover and shaker. Just try to get him to sit still. The Stamos kids spent 6 weeks in Los Angeles with Grandma and Papa this summer and then Papa and Grandma came to Reno and helped decorate the Stamos home.

Jim and Joyce had a nice visit with Great Granddad Van Schaack. They celebrated Father’s Day and Great Granddad’s happy 88th birthday. Great Granddad had a serious stroke in January but he has worked at recovering with the help of his many, many friends in McMinnville, Oregon. The family sure loves him and we all wish he was closer. Jim and Joyce will be visiting him again after Christmas.

Lee and Linda continue living in San Juan Capistrano. They are remodeling their home and they are very active in the Capistrano Valley Christian Church. Dena is a lovely 14 year old, and an excellent student. She will be going to Washing-ton D.C. with her class in late February. Dena is quite a good volley ball player and her team went undefeated this year. Nathan was 10 in September. He loves to roller blade and wants to play ice hockey next year. Linda enjoys working at the kids school, and this holiday season Linda’s sister and family will travel to San Juan Capistrano for Christmas. Lee continues using his many talents in building and remodeling and his business is growing as the economy gets better.

Jim continues designing and remodeling homes. He is also active with the Masons. He has excepted the Chairmanship of the Committee to Conserve Chinese Culture for 1993, and he is becoming very proficient on the computer. He is a fantastic cook and Joyce has become very good at eating his wonderful dishes. Joyce is teaching part time at L.A. Pierce College. She continues serving as the Governors appointee to the San Fernando Valley Fair Committee. She also completed her appointment to the California Committee to Prevent Child Abuse. Joyce will miss coordinating the White House Advance Office in Los Angeles, but she has 12 years of wonderful memories of working with Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Cabinet members. She is now looking forward to her Presidential appointment to the White House Fellowship Panel which helps select candidates who will serve in Washington D.C. government.

Joyce’s sisters continue to do well, however, sister Janice lost her husband, George, in January, and he is sorely missed. Sister Lorene came to be with her sisters in California during this difficult time. Lorene’s family has vacationed in Florida where they could watch their grandson Brady play basketball. He plays for Indiana’s Franklin College. LaVern and Cheryl have finished phase one of remodeling their Burbank home, and it looks fantastic. LaVern continues to work for the L.A. Dept. of Water and Power.
The VAN SCHAACKS’ hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas Season and a very Happy New Year. Come visit us and have a bowl of Jim’s Chicken Tortellini soup. It’s out of this world.

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