Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1993

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1993

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Chris and Mary were married at their Chatsworth home in April of this year. tt was a lovely outdoor wedding. Mary made her own gorgeous gown, and the two of them used their naturally beautiful setting as the backdrop for their nuptials. The majestic oak trees, fabulous food, music, and dancing, were enjoyed by even the littlest guests. This wedding well be one of 93’s best memories for everyone who attended. One of the most ominous memories of ’93 will be the Southern California fires, which Chris and Mary experienced first hand. The flames came within 200 feet of their Chatsworth home. but there was no major damage to their property or to their beloved Australian Shepherd, Mercury.

Lee, Linda, Dena and Nathan are in the process of moving to a new home. Lee continues to work in the construction field, but he is branching out into sales with a new ultra modem heating and sheet metal estimating program. He says the awesome computer program will save heating and sheet metal contractors a phenomenal amount of time and money. Undo continues working at the kids school, with much greater responsibility. They both continue working with their church and were responsible for the successful Harvest Festival this year. Dena graduated from Junior High and she is now a superb student in the 9th grade. She is an excellent volley ball player and plays team and club ball. She will soon turn 15, and what a beauty she isl Nathan is a husky, happy sportsman, continuing with his soccer, basketball and many other sports. He is a great student and an absolute sweetheart.

The Stamos Family is still happily nesting in their Galena Forest Home. They had their first beautiful snow fall, and the Galena Creek is beginning to freeze over. The entire Stamos family has begun studying Tang Soo Do, a form of Korean Karate made famous by Chuck Norris. tt is very good exercise, both mentally and physically. Tom is raking up his own private frequent flyer miles in his A-36 Bonanza, flying on business, and he continues to swim 4 days a week with the Masters. Adam is now a freshman at beautiful new Galena High School. He wants to go out for the rifle team, and he became a certified scuba diver this summer. If you add in his karate, he would make a great a Navy Seal. Natalie is now a Girl Scout, and she goes camping, designs fantastic T-shirt art, and leads the singing. She is a marvelous 5th grade student, working very hard. Nick is still a red headed dynamo. He loves school, sledding, skiing and, like Natalie, he loves his karate. He is in the 3rd grade now. Dana is working hard in her graphic design business, between all the kids activities. She is on Brown Elementary’s (Nick & Natalie’s school) Parent Teacher Organizing Board, and does their newsletter, along with the Principal’s Newsletter. She is also the co-editor of the Galena Gab, their homeowner’s association newsletter. This year Dana became Vice President of the Association of Corel Artists and Designers, and she loves it. The Stamos home is open to all who wish to visit, but don’t sneak up on them or you’ll find out what it feels like to be the bad guy in a Chuck Norris movie.

Jim and Joyce had all the grand kids for a visit this summer, and the family celebrated Aunt LaVem’s 75th birthday together. We are glad that age only matters with good wine and cheese. Jim had a great year as President of the Committee to Conserve Chinese Cultural. Along with many other events, the Committee produced an event featuring the Imperial Dynasty Costumes. They honored the Director General of the Coordination Council for North American Affairs from the Republic of China Office in Los Angeles. He continues his activities with the Zenith Mount Olive Masonic Lodge, and he has a great love and admiration for computer design, about which he grows more knowledgeable every day. Jim has used his design skills for nephew Bill Brewer on his new home in Wyoming, and for nieces Cheryl and Rhonda on their remodeling jobs. Jim and Chris both enjoy landscape design, and the Van Schaack gardens show how skilled they are. Joyce Is teaching the GAIN Program at Pierce College, teaching courses in Literature and the Arts, along with English as a Second Language. She is also substituting for L.A. Unified School District. Next year she will also teach at Glendale Community College. Joyce was just elected President of the Laurel Oaks Republican Women’s Club. Before leaving office, President Bush appointed her to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, and Governor Wilson appointed her to the 51st Agricultural District. On her way to Washington D.C. meetings, Joyce stopped to visited Lorene and family in Indiana. She also enjoyed seeing niece Waneen and her fiancee from Virginia.

LaVem and Janice also went to Indiana this year, to celebrate Thanksgiving. LaVern continues to work in local government. Janice had major surgery, however it barely kept her from playing tennis or golf. She looks great. Grandad Van Schaack is 89, and still living in Oregon. Jim visited him early in December. Oregon is so far away. All of us miss him so much.

Best wishes from all of us for a prosperous, healthy 1994, and God’s blessing on each of you and your families. If your in the Valley come pay us a visit

Jim & Joyce Van Schaack

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