Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1996

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1996

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It’s almost 1997! The Van Schaack’s are still in tact, no additions or subtractions this year, thank you. Dana and family have gone through some rough times with husband Tom’s cerebral vascular accident October, 1995, and daughter Natalie’s burst appendix immediately following. Tom is making good progress, he is back driving, swimming and a regular at the gym in town. Natalie is well, in Jr. high, a good snow boarder, and enjoys art. Adam is attending college and works as a sales/tech at a computer electronic store. Nick is deep into athletics, especially snow boarding. He continues to get good grades. Dana has expanded her computer graphics business; although she must be away from home a good deal, she loves her work. The folks will be visiting Reno at Christmas!

Lee has been busy in the Orange County area with his construction business, wife Linda is continuing to work at Dena and Nathan’s school. Dena’s health has improved greatly. She has been playing on an outstanding volley ball team at her high school. Nathan just finished his football season which was also outstanding. The family continues surfing. Both kids have also been getting excellent grades. Dena is looking forward to college next year.

Chris has been going in two directions with his business this year. His construction business has been doing quite well, but added to that, he’s expanding his native plant nursery business. Several newspaper have written articles, and photographed Chris and his projects. One project included supplying plants and installing them on a large government project in the Santa Monica mountains. Wife Mary left her position at Health Net to pursue a full time career as an artist. They both are working hard to preserve the wilderness in the West San Fernando Valley, especially around Chatsworth Lake. Their recent open house with artists, craftsmen and related artisans was really fun.

Jim & Joyce have also been busy this year. Jim worked with Chris and Lee on projects that he designs and they build in L.A. and Orange County. Jim continues on the Executive Committee of the Institute of Store Planners. Joyce was selected 1996 Mother of the Year for California, by American Mothers, Inc. She also continues as a Director of the Valley Fair. Joyce and Jim traveled to Disney World in Orlando, Florida in May to attend the first awards program that Joyce’s commission (The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation) held in conjunction with Discover Magazine (owned by The Disney Company) at Epcot. Joyce also enjoyed visiting Waneen and family, her sister’s daughter in Virginia, on one of her trips to Washington, D.C. Her sisters’ families all remain well. Joyce is still teaching at Pierce and Glendale Colleges. She has been very busy this year with her political activities.

The Van Schaack’s wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

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