Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1995

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1995

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lt’s almost 1996! The VAN SCHAACK’s are really glad ’cause, the Good Lord willing, it’ll be a brighter year.

Chris and Mary, are land taping and working hard on their property. Chris started his Calif. native plants nursery last year and it’s growing and growing. Mercury, their precious puppy, is now full-grown and a sweet-heart of a dog, from much love and attention. Chris continues his contracting business and has about finished cousin Ronda’s remodeling. The house is gorgeous: And, speaking of gorgeous, Maly is painting up a storm. Her paintings have been featured at several showings, aalleries, and recently in the Los Angeles Times. She’s working part time at Health Net and still finds time to paint her lovely landscapes, graphic designs and design really great cards. She is now a member of a co-op gallery.

Dana, Tom, Adam, Natalie and Nick are still in God’s country, 20 miles from Lake Tahoe. Several years back Tom injured his back from shoveling heavy snowfall and was to have herniated disks surgery in Oct. He, along with two doctor friends, swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco in September. He swims each morning and 2 days before his back surgery date, he was swiming when his left side became paralyzed. Tom was rushed to the hospital and suffered a stroke. He had immediate surgery to release pressure on his brain. We are so fortunate that he is recuperating at home after weeks in the hospital and in the rehabilitation writer. He’s walking with a cane and will continue his treatment on his left arm. Hopefully, his back is improving too. While he was recuperating Natalie had a ruptured appendix. Now, she’s once again back in the hospital with an abcess! Natalie has been a cheerleader in junior high, has many friends, and says she’ll be back in school after the Christmas holidays. Dana is doing well, considering all the excitement. She wasn’t teaching computer classes this year, and she feels blessed she is home to keep up with everyone! Their family has had so much love and support from family, neighbors and Tom’s business associates. Nick is eleven and loves school and friends, he does very well He continues to be a happy young man. Adam is working hard in high school and has a business with a friend keeping him very occupied. It would sure be great if they could move back to Southern California to be with the Van Schaack family.

Lee, Linda, Dena and Nathan have had a very busy year. Jim continues his contracting business and has remodeled homes, two on the beach in San Clemente. He is so talented. Lee and Linda worked hard designing and building a 4-car float with Dena and her high school friends for their homecoming parade. Grandma Joyce and Papa Jim were so proud of all their work and enjoyed the game and the parade. Dena continues straight A’s and her honor classes for college. Its hard to believe she’ll be a college student in a year. (She’s dating a terrific college student, Sean.) She plays well in her volleyball and soccer games, even though she has had health problems and has been in and out of the hospital because of not enough platelets; however, her blood count continues to rise and she’s feeling great. Nathan is thirteen and just fine. He has been mascot and water boy for Dena’s high school football team. He’s such a sports athlete, has great surfing ability, loves hockey, skating and football. He also works well with studies. His mom is continuing her work at Nathan’s school. She is also constantly on the road and appreciates Dena’s great driving help. She enjoys their home and their church actiyies, which are very important in all their lives. They have so many lovely friends, and always give so much to others.

Folks Jim and Joyce are looking for property around San Clemente. They would love to live in that area, as it offers family, great weather, and about all they need at this time in their lives. Jim has designed remodels with Chris and Lee this year. They are all very talented and do beautiful buildings. Jim and Joyce enjoyed vacations in Boston, Philadelphia, Valley Forge, and Washington, D.C., being history buffs. They also enjoyed the family clan in Indiana, as sisters Janice, LaVern, and niece Cheryl traveled with them for niece Dayna’s wedding. The former Miss Indiana was a beautiful bride. Sister Lorene’s family, including Lowell, Marsha Karen and her lovely family, were all together at Marsha’s for Thanksgiving. It was truly a wonderful time with cousin Waneen, Jon and Sara, there for the holiday. Being with family made Jim’s and Joyce’s 46th anniversary great.

Joyce finished her presidency for her Republican women’s club and the 5Ist Ag. District. She’ll continue her year with her presidential commission in Washington, D.C.., and teaching at Pierce and Glendale Colleges in 1996. She hopes to teach college in Orange County where they will be looking to relocate. Jim has spent a good deal of time these past few months in Reno, assisting and supporting family. He and Joyce will celebrate Christmas there. In closing 1993, the VAN SCHAACK family looks forward hearing from each of You. They all wish you a very wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy, prosperous NEW YEAR

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