Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1998

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1998

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Jim and Joyce wanted to travel to the Mediterranean to see Portugal, Spain and Greece in 1998 -to visit the villas and historical sites. Instead, they sold their Tarzana home of thirty years. They moved to San Clemente in April where they enjoyed similar weather to the Mediterranean’s. There they shopped for a lot to build a new home near the magnificent Pacific Ocean. While renting a condo on the beach they looked and looked for the ideal ocean view lot for two months. At this time real estate prices soared, plus they found they would not like living in the crowded beach communities. So they started searching and found their dream home in Marina Hills in Siena, a gated community in Laguna Niguel, California. There are no homes across from them or behind them. and they have a smaller and elegant home of pure luxury and beauty. The community is well kept with private swimming pools. tennis courts, and is only a three-mile walk in park-like atmosphere to the beach.

Jim has found new friends and once again enjoys golfing. He continues his design work with Corel Draw computer aids. His office is now upstairs and more compact, and the views are great from the large bedroom and lovely bath. Downstairs they have ample living space, which includes a media room. Jim can easily attend to the landscaping which is smaller than their half-acre Tarzana home. They truly love their new home and the Mediterranean weather. You can visit via auto. John Wayne Airport or the Amtrak San Juan Capistrano train depot.

Lee, Linda, Dena and Nathan live in San Juan Capistrano. Now, Jim and Joyce are attending grandson Nathan’s football games where he plays center. Nathan continues his studies at Capistrano Valley Christian High School as a sophomore. He’s 5’9″, 190 lbs. at 16 years old and a great sportsman, especially surfing, as are Lee and Linda. Linda continues her work at the high school, swims daily and surfs weekends. Lee continues to be the Boys Town, U.S.A. consultant, and a general contractor. The family loves the beach and they are terrific at their chosen sports. which also includes dirt biking. As always, their high school and church activities keep them very busy. Dena completed her first year of college at Concordia University (32 units with all As), and is now attending Saddleback College this semester, as she changed her major to become a pediatric nurse. She was a secretary during the summer and really enjoyed it. Her friend, Sean, will graduate from Irving University in March and has been offered several jobs. They are a handsome twosome. Dena invited Jim and Joyce to her Thanksgiving church program for their 49th anniversary.

Another family couple, Chris and Mary, are too far away from the family now – still living in Chatsworth, California. They purchased more land so their native plant nursery is constantly growing. Chris has become an environmental consultant which he really finds challenging. Mary continues her painting, but has returned to work as a full time computer consultant. They are very involved in environmental projects including presenting workshops as they promote environmental education and support creativity within their community. Among their community activities they most recently opened their home for an Eco Home Network Tour, along with 29 other So. Calif. Homes. Chris and Mary studied a tropical bio-diversity course at Cal.. State University Northridge which included a trip to Costa Rica. They promise to enjoy more time together in the near future!

Dana. Adam, Natalie and Nick are still living in beautiful woody country between Reno and Lake Tahoe. With snow falling Nick and Natalie love to snow board and are active in other winter sports. Nick loves skateboarding, but his true love is learning to race dirt bikes. He visited California last summer and learned to surf. His eighth grade classes keep him on his toes for good grades. Natalie just turned 15 and was sought after to work at -Mr. Rags” this past summer. She is a great saleslady and was a true asset to the teenager clothing and sports equipment store. Now, she’s back to 10th grade in high school and loves it. She is a beautiful young lady. Adam is 19 and is heavy into computers. He has worked at Super Graphics fabricating large billboards for SEGA. Calvin Klein, etc. His true love is 3D animation, and he hopes to attend Chico State College. He traveled to Santa Cruz, Chico and San Diego this summer. He is training in Ju Jitsu. Dana has put together World Champion events in Reno for Ju Jitsu U.S.A. and the Martial Arts Federation. She is learning to fight with weapons. Her graphic art business continues to grow in Reno. Tom goes to the gym daily, continues his financial work, and is actively involved in Christian Fellowship and Bible Study.

Jim and Joyce enjoyed traveling to Orlando, FL, Sacramento. CA, and Washington, D.C. Joyce continues her volunteer work with the CA Commission on Improving Life Through Service and the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation. She hopes to volunteer at Saddleback College in their Reading Program as she had to stop teaching due to her move. She misses her sisters in L.A., but appreciated their help in moving to Laguna. They visit often, as we hope you will also. Please write or call us at (949) 495-4567.

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