Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1999

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1999

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Are those sleigh bells ringing? Not in California, those are wind chimes. Although in November anniversary bells were heard as family, neighbors and longtime friends gathered to wish Jim and Joyce a happy 50th anniversary. What a wonderful event Linda, Lee (Jim III), Chris, Mary, and Dana put together to celebrate with their parents. Also on hand planning and executing the gala were grandchildren Nathan and Dena.

The family welcomed all the guests and a million cousins as they toasted the “Oldly —Weds.” The spectacular event was held at Marina Hills Club House and was fabulous. The food was delicious. Linda and Chris took bows for their catering expertise. Jim and Joyce were so very grateful to meet with friends from high school through senior years.

In October the folks had visited Indiana with sister Lorene, Lowell and family, and Barbara Barnes (a high school friend from Indianapolis) before attending the National Italian American Assoc. dinner in Washington, D.C. (The President and First Lady also attended!) The couple also visited the George Washington Masonic Hall, the Library of Congress, the House and Senate, and many friends in the area. It was really a beautiful time of year.

In June they also visited Disney World in Orlando where their Commission event was held. Then they traveled to Georgia, South and North Carolina. Savanna, Charleston, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach were favorites, especially when Jim found the Bulloch family cemetery with Van Schaack and Roosevelt relatives. Joyce also found the Anderson family background in Franklin, Indiana. You may tell they are tracing ancestors and family tree members.

Earlier in the year Jim and Joyce visited Reno. Dana has a great computer design business there. Natalie has marvelous grades in school and is living with her dad, Tom. Adam recently became an employee with Comp USA. Nick, living with Dana, is now 15 and attending high school. Nick and Natalie will be snowboarding during the holidays. Nick spent time with Nathan and family in San Juan Capistrano during the summer.

The Lee Van Schaack family still enjoys surf boarding. Lee is once again general contracting and works with Dad Jim’s designs. They sure enjoy working together. Linda continues her work with their Christian school, where Nathan was a champion varsity football team member. He does well with academia also. Dena is a straight “A” student at Biola college, preparing to become a pediatric nurse in two and a half years. Her steady beau is a terrific young man, Sean De La Torre.

iris and Mary continue working hard. Chris is planning and planting native gardens at Malibu Conservancy. Mary continues as a computer consultant with Health Net. They are looking to move to a university community in California or Oregon.

Joyce and Jim enjoy their L.N. neighbors. Jim joins weekly golf games. He invests time in a super new computer enabling him to continue his art and design work. Joyce is occasionally teaching Adult Education with Saddleback Unified School District and taking computer classes. The two are once again active in Republican politics. Joyce’s sister LaVern is enjoying computer classes. We are so thankful that Janice is doing well with chemotherapy, as is our nephew Nick. Our prayers have truly been answered.

May you have a wonderful holiday season, then come ring our doorbell in Laguna Niguel for a terrific visit. God bless!

Jim & Joyce Van Schaack

HAPPY 2000!!!

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