Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2004

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2004

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2005 is upon us, and 2004 just flew by. In February, Jim and Joyce enjoyed their vacation in Waikiki, Hawaii, but loved getting back to Laguna Niguel, California.

Joyce continued her last year’s service to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation. She is now an Emeritus Trustee. Jim and Joyce have enjoyed their work with the Foundation for the past 11 years. This year they traveled to Ohio, Florida and Washington, D.C., with side trips to Pennsylvania and Indiana. Following the family’s genealogy continues to challenge as they researched Joyce’s family history and visited relatives. (E-mail Finding Hummelstown and Kutztown in Pennsylvania the home sites and cemeteries of relatives was really of interest. The German side of her family started with Johan Frederick Hummel, a great, g.g,g,g, grandfather, and the Kutz family married into that family. David Eckstein, one grandfather, was a provost guard to General Washington in the Revolutionary War, which caused their visit to Mount Vernon to have special meaning. Also on their Florida trip Joyce and Jim enjoyed visiting with her sister Lorene and family in Indiana, along with friend Barbara and family. They enjoyed sister LaVern and daughter Cheryl with their stay in Laguna Niguel. Her niece Vicki and family moVedlo a new home in LaQuinta from Orange County. The family all miss sister Janice, who passed away last December, dear cousin Larry Fox, and LaVonne’s granddaughter Britta. Jim has had the opportunity to play more golf, and less work; however, his website now includes many more Digital Drawings (CoralDraw compositions). His web site is He continues to enjoy working with son Lee.

Lee and Linda decided to continue their remodeling business without the headaches of the window business, so they have been able to slow down and enjoy life a little more. They continue working with their church and love their daily surfing. Mom Linda is a great tennis player; Joyce and she play 3 mornings a week. Their daughter Dena and hubby Sean were thankful to move back to Orange County as Sean finished his M.B.A. degree at U.C.L.A. Dena has been continuing her education for her M.A. in nursing. She is working in a clinic in Irvine. Nathan is working for a construction framing company and doing very well. He has moved back home with Lee and Linda, as the food and lodging is great there.

Daughter Dana has her new home in Carson City, Nevada and really enjoys living there. Her graphic and web design business continues to grow. Her web site is She is looking forward visiting Laguna Niguel at Christmas time. Her son Adam just had an appendectomy, and is recuperating. He is living with Dad Tom, and works as a computer tech. He can repair just about anything that computes. Natalie and Nick are both living in Reno, renting with friends too. Natalie works at a little hangout called Shays, Nicholas at Toys R Us, when he is not working with a local masonry business. They all work hard and play harder.

Chris and Mary have had a busy year also. Still living in Ashland, Oregon, they travel to Gold Beach, Oregon to remodel their 6-unit duplex. They also purchased a lot and another small house in Gold Beach. Chris continues working part time as Riparian Stewardship Coordinator, maintaining vegetation and marine plants along Oregon streams. Mary works at Southern Oregon University and is enjoying the study of human relationships and people management. She continues her art, which all enjoy.

It seems as though 2004 was just about the “busiest” year for the Van Schaacks, with the Republican women and the Bush campaign taking a very large chunk of their time. Joyce delighted in working with Mimi Walters, the winning local candidate for California Assembly. After the primary, it was time to take on the job of Bush Cheney ’04 Volunteer Chairman for Orange County with 13,000 volunteers. Orange Co. had more votes for President Wish than any County in the U.S.A., with 59.8% of the vote count. 2005 will be a pleasurable slow down time, with prayers for peace and good health for family and friends,


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