Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2002

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2002

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The Van Schaack family is looking forward to hearing from each of our dear friends and relatives this year.

Joyce’s family has made great efforts to get together. Her nieces Cheryl and Waneen made reservations at planned a “younger generation” cousin’s reunion. More than 25 cousins showed up in Lake Tahoe for a glorious weekend. Sister Lorene’s daughter Marsha and her son Kevin and girl friend arrived (Kevin and were married there); Those who attended were LaVern’s Cheryl, Kent and Jan, sister LuWanna’s family, Vicki, Steven, Waneen, Jennie and Bob, Steve and Pat; Janice’s Ronda and Shelli; and Joyce’s Lee (aka Jim) and Linda, Dana, her children Adam and Natalie; and topping it off Chris and Mary. Would you believe they all enjoyed each other, feasting, talking, dancing, and gaming! It was truly lovely with a soft snow setting.

Jim and Joyce traveled to Indianapolis and Franklin, Indiana, Orlando’s Disney World, Canton, Ohio, Washington D.C., and Albany, New York for her Commission, with some side trips for genealogy searches (they’re now looking for professional assistance). Joyce traveled to Sacramento, California with her Republican Women. She purchased opportunity drawings and in November won a trip to Waikiki for 7 days in a private condo, a $500 expense check and then she won a diamond & pearl pendant. Good times in 2004! As you can imagine, she’s still very involved in politics. Jim joins her at many events. He plays golf and we gave him a terrific 75th surprise birthday party with friends and relatives. He is designing and remodeling homes with son Lee and working with daughter Dana in graphic design.

Son Lee is building a second business called A-Awesome Windows & Doors. His office is in San Clemente. He’s very busy with both general building, remodeling and window replacements. In his spare time he is active in church programs. When’s the surfs is up, his family is surfing. Both Linda and Nathan are main stays at the office. Linda is the expert in Quickbooks. Her hobbies also include tennis and swimming, plus her many church activities. Nathan is supervising the window business. He is dating Tara, and loves riding dirt bikes. Their daughter Dena and her husband Sean are living on the U.C.L.A. campus. Dena is a pre-natal nurse at U.C.L.A. Medical Center and working for the Practical Nurse Masters. Sean is graduating UCLA with a Business Master in May, then they will return to Orange County. Sean’s family lives in Dana Point and runs several businesses there including real estate.

Dana has been visiting in California, in August she came with her so adult family, Adam, and Natalie for her Dad’s birthday, and again for Thanksgiving. She now has a permanent Graphic and web design office in Lee’s building. Her current business is in her lovely home in Carson City, Nevada. She is still active in the martial arts and she was inducted into the Hawaii Martial Arts Hall of Fame for her “Contributions to the Martial Arts” in July 2003. Dana’s son Nick is working in at TractionFMX, a motocross shop. Since his knee surgery was successful he is back to dirtbikes and snowboards. Dana’s daughter Natalie has moved to Portland, Oregon, where she is working at fun little restaurant. There is great skateboarding in Oregon so Natalie is in heaven. Adam is living with father Tom, working at Barnes and Noble Bookstore and planning to attend college to study design and animation. He is also a computer genius and has his own little business fixing and building computers.

Chris Van Schaack joined in Dad’s 75th birthday party in Laguna Niguel. He and Mary have just returned after a 10 day stay in Hawaii. They are still living in Ashland, Oregon. Recently they purchased a 6 unit apartment on the Gold Coast Bay. Chris will enjoy taking on another remodeling project, as they completed remodeling their home. Mary continues to work at Oregon University and she still enjoys her art. They love dancing, and have an active social life.

Joyce’s sisters were all together for Janice’s and Lorene’s birthdays in November at a party at LaVern’s son Kent & Jans’ home. The 4 sisters were together at Janice’s home in the Pacific Palisades where they played games and reminisced about their Indiana childhood. They were ecstatic to have nieces Marsha, Shelli, Ronda, and Cheryl there too. We ask your continued prayer for Janice as she battles her illness.

We pray you are all well and we send our blessings to you in 2004. Love to have you visit our beautiful Laguna Niguel.


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