Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2006

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2006

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Jim continues with his home remodeling and design business, but his love is his famous landmark drawings. He has drawn old Hollywood haunts, architectural landmarks as well as historically important airplanes and automobiles. To enjoy his art visit his web site at Jim enjoys playing golf twice a week as well as gardening.

Joyce and Jim traveled to Ohio, New York and then to West Virginia in April and to Orlando’s Disneyworld and to Indianapolis to visit friends and relatives in June. In September they visited Washington, DC, attended her commission events and traveled on to Pennsylvania, visiting Gettysburg, Harrisburg, the Eisenhower farm, Hummelstown, Kutztown, Valley Forge, and Philadelphia completing her family genealogy. Joyce was able to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, (DAR), after tracing her family genealogy from Fredrick Hummel to David Eckstein and then to David Hummel Eckstein, the Fuchs (Fox) and Andersons to Van Schaack.Of course, Joyce worked for the re-election of the Governor of California and other candidates this election year. She was also involved with the California Republican Federated Women on a local level. Joyce’s family’s celebrations included sisters, Lorene’s 90th birthday, and LaVern’s 90th. LaVern and Cheryl are still active in Burbank, California.

The Stamos family is doing well. Dana continues in her graphic and web design business. Her web site USADOJO.COM is the largest martial arts web site in the world and keeping the site on top takes strategy on top takes strategy and many man hours. She has martial arts clients all over the world. She designs for numerous other types of businesses and Adam is working along side her. Adam designs mostly in 3D and in this past year, he has created many of the publicity collateral pieces for a local promotion company he worked with. He also has his own business building and fixing computers. He is a computer wiz. Both Dana and Adam attend great churches they really enjoy. Tom has remodeled his condo with beautiful wood floors and an incredible granite kitchen. It is beautiful. His back yard is his next project. He and Adam still go to the gym everyday and Tom is always active with his local church and college fraternity. Natalie is a hotshot bartender and she is always in demand. She is as beautiful and fun as ever. She and her roomy, Katie, love to cook, and they have ethnic theme nights where the cuisine is always unique and delicious. Nick works for Reno PowerSports as the Setup Tech. He puts together motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles, Seadoos, boats, Rhinos and anything else with an engine. He loves his job, who wouldn’t? He loves to snowboard, dirtbike, wakeboard and ride all the things he builds.

Chris and Mary continue to live in Ashland, Oregon. They enjoyed a whirlwind trip through Ireland and Scotland this last September. Mary has an art studio and continues her painting. She telecommunicates to wok with Health Net in Los Angeles. She is president of Artnow. a non-profit support community action that engages people in the creative process. Chris continues to work toward finishing the remodeling of their apartments, duplex and house in Gold Beach, Oregon and hopes to be home in Ashland more often this year, spending more time with Mary and friends. He has joined the New Warriors Men’s group and is enjoying exploring personal growth opportunities. He works in the Grants Pass area improving stream side vegetation and recently traveled to Portland for week long course in stream restoration design.

Lee continues his construction business. Linda is working at Epicore several days a week as she is in great demand for her office skills. Linda exercises at Curves and plays tennis for recreation. They are very active at their church, Lee serving as an elder, along with other jobs there. Nathan transports automobiles for dealers, surfs and enjoys friends. Most important for 2006 is the birth of the First Great Grandbaby, Eva. She is the most photographed baby in So. California as all her relatives dote over her and receives proactively daily photo updates. Nowalmost 5 months old, she turns over, coos, and almost laughs out loud! What a beauty. Her mom, Dena already passed her 4 college year tests as a practical nurse, has worked as a midwife delivering over 50 babies at the Kaiser Hospital. She takes her state exam in January. Doting father Sean has his home office, computering all day long, when he is not holding and loving Eva or working out at the gym. The couple enjoys their church and friends. What a lovely family!

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