Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2007

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2007

Joyce Van Schaack No Comments

What a great trip to Orlando with three restful days at the Hilton Resort Vacation Village, Joyce and Jim enjoyed then went to DisneyWorld with the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation for the Foundation’s children competition. Great weather and company.

They then traveled to Franklin, Indiana to the Brewer/Anderson family reunion celebrating Sister Lorene and Lowell’s 70th anniversary and Lowell’s 95th birthday.

Jim and Joyce’s adult children, Lee and wife Linda, Chris and his wife Mary joined them, as well as sister LaVern, and nieces and nephews Cheryl, Vicki, Steve, Waneen, Ronda, Shelli, plus Hoosiers Marsha, BM, Cindy, Kevin, Brady, Dayna, David, and their spouses and children survived a week of love and hilarious fun. Lowell joined our Heavenly Angels in September, so the family was so happy to have such a perfect celebration with him in June.

Jim and Joyce’s daughter Dana had a prior live animation commitment in San Diego so she was missed at the reunion. She and son Adam were able to join the family in Laguna Niguel for Thanksgiving. Adam set up Joyce’s new computer. This year he has taken computer IT jobs for Dell and IBM as well as helping mom in her business. He is also taking Biblical theology classes. Dana continues her graphic and web design business along with her martial arts web sites, and she has joined in a Live Animation Company. Dana’s Nick and Natalie are both working in Reno, with wedding bells ringing for Natalie next summer. Nick works for Premier Truck and Marine and still loves riding motorcycles. Tom continues in insurance and was blessed to visit Cincinnati for his sister’s wedding.

Lee continues remodeling homes and is busier than ever. Linda works a few days a week and continues to play tennis, and of course, they still surf with son Nathan in San Juan Capistrano. They are very active in their church with Bible study, prayer meetings and retreats and friends, giving much of their time in helping the poor and homeless. This year, the family vacationed in Hawaii, and Mexico. Their daughter Dena and her husband Sean live in San Juan so all have time to enjoy our precious great grand daughter 17 month old, Eva Ashley De La Torre. She is a beautiful, bright and precocious child, loved by all. Dena is working one day a week for Kaiser as a midwife, with several other business enterprises. Sean continues his computer programming business from home so he can enjoy his baby. Nathan is working with 0/C. Auto transport, and has a lovely girlfriend.

Chris and Mary enjoyed trips to Ireland, Hawaii, Portland, Oregon, Indiana and Illinois for fun and family visits. They are very involved with work and friends, plus remodeling their home. They will be a part of family our gathering in February in California along with sis Lorene and Marsha and the gang of cousins.

Joyce and Jim also visited Washington, D.C. in October with her commission’s events. She continues working with the Republican Party and is the upcoming president of the Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated. She also enjoys her Daughter of the American Revolution organization. The couple continues to enjoy their genealogy searching. Jim also enjoys his golf and buddies. He continues his design work with Lee. Check out his website: as it is still growing. Also, you’ll want to check out Dana’s business website too at, and baby Eva’s blog:, user name: evasblog, password: ashley.

Love ya all, and have a glorious 2008.

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