Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1980

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1980

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1980 has flown by! Once again globe trotting set in as Chris, Jim and Joyce found themselves visiting relatives and friends in Indiana, Michign and Colorado last July. In Southern Indiana they enjoyed the Brewer’s new home amidst the trees, along with the hospitality of the Brewers, Robinsons, Hamblens and Barnes. Then they jetted off to the Republican National Convention in Detroit where Chris was one of nineteen pages from California a photographer and spectator, and Joyce an Alternate Delegate with the California Delegation. It was truly exciting as all the hard work of politicking since November, ’79 paid off and Ronald Reagan became the party’s Presidential nominee.

After the convention the exhausted party had a terrific trip to Telluride, Colorado to relax with family in the beautiful mountain countryside. Here they hovered and loved little Dena Marie Van Schaack (two in January). Dena is as attractive as she is active. It was hard to keep up with her as she darted along the streams and paths with Springer Spaniels Marci and Patti following close by. She has those beautiful brown eyes of hers and the loveliness of her Mommy. What a heart stealer! She keeps Linda busy, but shares her one day weekly with their new church school. Lee works with their church in his spare time, and is building an architect’s home in Telluride. What great host they were, it was difficult to headfor L.A.

It was many more hectic hours of campaign work for Joyce in the Reagan for President campaign. She was also Chairman of the Committee to Conserve Chinese Culture, overseeing a Chinese New Year Celebration, a gala Fashion Show featuring Chinese Imperial Dynasty Costumes, followed by a Double TenCelebration. Joyce also counseled at Taft High School and is currently teaching English Composition at Cleveland High School.

Jim taught a class at Woodbury University, and is currently setting up a Master’s Program for them. There is a possibility that the program may be duplicated in other areas. He did such a fine job that the Institute of Store Planners honored him with a Fellowship — he’s in New York now, at the I.S.P. Trustees meeting.

Chris turned twenty a few weeks ago. His historical memorbelia museum continues to grow. He donates many, many hours in reconstructing his English Mimi Cooper and his fish tanks continue to grow in size and in exotic fish. At Pierce he is studying Biology, Chemistry and tennis. (G.P.A. 3.8). He also has worked in home construction and plans a job shortly as a finish carpenter. He receives an A.A. in June, then decides on a college for his B.A.

Last month Adam Michael Stamos (two next June) brought his Mommy, Dana and Dad, Tom to Los Angeles from Santa Cruz to attend his Mommy’s Alma Mater’s Homecoming (University of Redlands). He sits in his back seat of their Piper Warrior and tells Daddy how to fly in his gibberish terms, then naps a bit. He is getting so big and so alert. At Grandma Joyce’s he walks through the house noting airplane sounds overheard and imitates a neighbor’s rooster. He is truly a precocious little boy. Dana is studying Aerobic dancing, cooking health foods and busy caring for Adam and Tom. Tom is now Executive Vice President with the Santa Cruz Insurance Center, plus getting in dozens of hours of flying. It is hoped that Santa’s sled and Tom’s plane will get the family together for Christmas or shortly thereafter.

Jim’s folks continue to do pretty well, Mom V.S. loves talking to radio announcers and disc jockeys around the country and has made many new friends. Dad V.S. is busy growing marvelous vegetables, which show in his culinary talents.

Joyce’s family has had a series of illnesses as her Dad, Mom and two sisters (LuWanna and Janice) have been hospitalized — however, the good Lord has blessed them and the family look foward to a visit from the Brewers, Lorene and Lowell in January. Another bright star in this season as Ronald Reagan will become our 40th President, with guidance from that precious man upstairs we pray for a blessed 1981.


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