Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1982

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1982

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1982 has been a bright and shining year. Introduced into the Van Schaack, III family in September was little Nathan James. Proud parents Linda and Lee, plus sister Dena Marie, are all ver happy. They are keeping warm fires burning in the Colorado Rockies as they look forward to 1983. Linda has been Mommying as she teaches Dena her great talent of baking and good neighboring, as well as cross country skiing and hiking. It was great to have Linda and Dena visiting California for too short a time. Our Lee has been building and remodeling homes, condos, etc. Has just finished a log cabin for a friend. His talents also include furniture building. Lee, Linda, Nathan and Dena are all very active in their church body. Dena will be four shortly and loves her church friends.

Great excitement in Santa Cruz as Dana, Tom and Adam Stamos are expecting. The Stamos family opened a fitness center and what a lot of work….not only keepiing the doors open, put all that exercising!! Tom is still very busy as an Executive in insurance in and has a great knowledge of world financing. Dana has been supervising the fitness center and has turned into quite a business woman. Her growth in 1982 has been fantastic. Adam loves his nursery school and grandma thinks he’ll grow up to be a puzzle maker. He puts pieces of puzzles together very fast. Adam will be four in June. The Stamos family is also very busy in their church body.

Chris celebrated his twenty-second birthday in November and is studying economics at the California State University in Northridge. He’ll be taking his contractor’s license test shortly. He is so good looking. Mom and Dad wonder where they got him. He works very hard, both physically aid mentally. His folks agree he must be a genius.

Jim, once again, has been busily designing a new Quinn’s Nutrition Center.The lovely store should open shortly. Jim’s talents have been well spent in teaching Advanced Design at the Art Center School and the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles where he has utilized his knowledge in teaching Store Design. Jim has turned into a marvelous photographer. In the past his photography talents were used in the area of architecture, now he is taking pictures’s of V.I.P.s also. He took pictures of the California Republican Delegation Reception at the White House last June. What a fantastic reception it was, as the President and Mrs. Reagan warmly welcomed Republicans from their home state. Early in the morning that same day, the Van Schaacks, Jim and Joyce, had a V.I.P. tour of the White House and returned as guests and danced to the Marine Band. It was as though they were a part of history. All of those years of volunteerism were worth it.

As a special thank you, Joyce received a Presidential Appointment to Education. After her seven years of education and five years of teaching, it was gratifying for her to be involved in helping advise solutions to the educational system. The IACA has met in Washington D.C. three times and will start holding hearings on education in different regions of Congress and other agencies within the government. Topics included will be block grants, Tax Tuitions, and the roll of congress and other agencies in the federal government in education. Joyce also met with Outreach Program advisors at the Republican National Committee. She spent the last 17 months as the California Republican Party Outreach Program Coordinator. Jim and Joyce have travelled to all the state coonventions worked at the Presidential Dinner and enjoyed, most of all, the wonderful people from the Asian, Black, Hispanic and European heritage groups, with conventions, rallies, dinners and precinct work. Jim has been the official photographer.

Joyce was awarded a scholarship to study Mass Communication at Valley Forge for graduate University credit last July. The five-day course was fascinating and historical Pennsylvania Tricentennial celebration beautiful. Her Anderson heritage then called Andriesen, produced one Spencer Anderson, a soldier who was stationed with the Virginia militia at Valley Forge in 1776. Joyce really appreciated reviewing those tough times at camp grounds for those couragious early patriots. Their memory must be engraved in our minds as we search for answers to make our nation safe and prosperous for future generations.

ter. The lovely store should open shortly. Art Center School and the Fashion Institute im has turned into a marvelous photographer. ure, now he is taking photos of V.I.P.s also. the White House last June. What a fantastic ublicans from their home state. Early in the our of the White House. That evening they fey were a part of history. All those years

Our very best and God’s blessings to each and every one of you. May your 1983 be a beautiful and healthy One.

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