Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1983

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1983

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Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing? In one week Santa will be here and the Van Schaacks of Tarzana are expecting a visit from Lee, Linda, Dena and Nathan very shortly. Tom, Dana Adam and Natalie Stamos had their visit with grandparents over the Thanksgiving holidays and will be visiting with Stamos’ relatives in Ohio at Christmastime.

1983 has been filled with many events. One very special blessed event was Natalie Alaine Stamos, a beautiful, smiling, cuddlely and fantastic baby girl. She is seven months old and adored by brother Adam and family. Adam is an active four year old who is very bright. Dana closed her fitness center to become a full time Mommy. Tom is still travelling to San Jose and working with Corroon, Black, Sanders and Sullivan as an insurance executive.

Lee and family hope to spend a few months in California. Its really cold in them thar rockies and the family is ready to warm up at San Clemente beach, look up old friends and keep busy. Dena is also a very active almost five year old. She’s as lovable as ever and has artistic talents. She mails lots of pictures to Grandma and Papa. Nathan, of course, at fifteen months is walking and talking more and more. The two little ones will get so much love the next few months: Maybe Linda will do some of her fantastic cooking in Tarzana.

Chris turned 23 and as you can see, has turned into a fine young man. Hid Dad and Mom are very proud of his fine grades in college. As an honor student he may become an exchange student and travel to Denmark in the fall of ’84. He would like to spend a year in Europe finishing his business degree. His specialty may be finance and marketing.

Jim has continued designing Quinn’ Nutition Centers, a computer store, a children’s book store and taken many a picture. Some of his pictures of president Reagan’s visit to Whittier School in California hung Washington, D.C. Jim is also chairman of the Institute of Store Planners’ national design competition. He has been travelling to San Francisco and New York. Soon he will probably be the chairman of the Committee To Conserve Chinese Culture as he continues his support for the R.O.C.

Joyce has continued teaching at Los Angeles Mission College two nights a week and worked as the Outreach Coordinator for the Calififornia Republican Party. She’s been involved in conventions. dinners, etc. for the C.R.P. She enjoyed White House Advance work for Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Los Angeles. There have been may trips for the governmental Advisory Council on Education as the group held forums and meeting in California, Illinois, Ohio, Indians and Washington D.C.. Jim and Joyce sppent R & R time in December at the Brewer’s Orchard in Bloomfield, Indiana between work.

Jim lost Mother Van Schaack in March; Dad V.S. is doing well. Joyce’s sister LaVern had a scare with a heart bout but is improving. All the rest of the family seems to be just fine. Well, its time to close 1983s message to beloved ones — May God bless you and and keep you as happy and busy as the Van Schaacks – May God bless you all and keep you as happy and have a happy, healthy and prosperous 1984.

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