Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1984

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1984

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lThat’s hello, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Denmark where Chris is attending the University of Copenhagen studying International Business. His family is proud he is such an outstanding honor student to be selected to receive academic credit along with students from Harvard, Yale, etc..Chris appreciates the support from bot hfriends and family in Copenhagen and U.S.A. His new Danish family Per and Grethe, are paharmacists working in the areas of testing and developing. His Business Study Program is rather intense, requiring heavy reading assignments and many papers. The classes include studies of East-West Business Relations, European Business Studies and International Marketing. His Scandinavian Film Class and Danish courses have proved demanding. His Study Tours of Jutland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the U.S.S.R. were both fun and informative. Chris hopes to see more of Europe during his five week break over Christmas and plans to travel most of the summer. It has bren difficult for him to realize he’ll be away from everyone at home for a whole year, but his experiences will make future times together much more meanningful. His family and friends certainly miss him very much.

Dana, Tom, Adam and Natalie are very proud of the newest member of the Stamos family. “Master” Nicholas Alexander Stamos is a golden red headed angel with beautiful blue eyes. He is four months old and smiling. Nineteen month old precocious calls him Ba-Ba. She is family marathon walker and telephone talker. (Two miles is just a beginning walk for her and she has a mysterious telephone language.) She is a real sweet, cuddly doll. Brother Adam is lively, intelligent five year old who loves kindergarten. He is an expert bicyclist as the family rides together all around Santa Cruz. Dana is working very hard to pedal ahead of all the action. Their home is filled with love and activities. With heavy routine Tom is an expert in the kitchen at breakfast time, then travels 5 days. to San Jose and and all around the state in insurance pursuits.

Lee, Linda, Dena and Nathan have had a busy year in Colorado. Dena will be six shortly and starts serious skiing lessons in January.She loves riding her two-wheel bike and is quite a gymnast. She has been studying at home with Linda during the fall. She is vivacious and percious. with terrific result precious! Nathan (at two) is talking land is quite a gentleman. He rides his tricycle and big wheels following his “homework” with Linda and Dena. Linda continues as a great Mom with all the family activities and their church. The family spent a good deal of time camping last summer, along with time off in Southern California surfing and enjoying Granddad Van Schaack’s 80th birthday in L.A. Lee completed three condominiums and two houses along with additions to their home. The warmth of filmily and friends may help them to return to California in the next yearIsabel (Nanaw) Anderson vacationed in Colorado and thoroughly enjoyed her trip. She’s a bit under the weather so the family is seeing to it that she gets better.

Joyce has been traveling a good (eel in ’84. Trips included Washington, D.C., Michigan, Arizona Washington State and two great R and R’s at the Brewers Orchards in Southern Indiana. The trips around the country were for the Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education (serving as a appointee in conferences and educatimal forums). Back in California she worked on the re-election campaign on visits from the President, Mrs. Reaga, Secretary Regan, U.S. Treasurer Orteg!, Secretary Dole and the fabulous U.S. Senator George Murphy (retired). She continued her full position at the California Republican Party working Oth California ethnic groups, organizing conventions, seminars, dinners, etc., and part time teaching at L..A. Mission College.

Jim and Granddad Van Schaack joined the Masons which they really love. Jim is also President of the Committee To Conserve Chinese Culture for the second year, with busy events with the Republic of China Olympic Baseball Team, a celebration for the U.S.A. Olympic No. 1 ice skater, Tiffany Chin, a trip to China Alley in Hanford, California and Jim and Joyce were both involved in the International Confucius Ceremony Celebration in Los Angeles. He still finds time to work full time in the architectural design business and be the best and most called upon photographer for his favorite politicians and Joyce.

The family would love one Christmas wish and it would be to live closer together and spend more time together! You know how Grandchildren need Grandmas and Grandpas to cherish and love them as family love is the most important of the American dreams. May your 1985 be happy and bright.. God Bless each of you and we love you!


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