Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1994

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 1994

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As we look over a Winter Wonderland in Galena Forest. Nevada, we can’t think of past problems. but only visualize nature’s beauty and the hope it give us for the furure, its the day after Thanksgiving and the 45th Anniversary of Jim and Joyce. Looking back to Christmas 1993, we celebrated the holiday in Los Angeles with family and traveled on to Reno for five snow filled days (record snowfall in 50 years) to visit the Stamos family. We then traveled to Oregon for five more snow filled days with Grandad Van Schaack, Jim had returned to Oregon for Grandad’s cancer treatments when the Northridge Earthquake rocked (and rolled) Tarzana.

Joyce arose in the dark to the groans of wood and crashing glass. With her flashlight she proceeded to fend a portable radio and eventually some batteries which gave the news that a larger earthquake would follow, She put all breakables on the floor, covered them with blankets. packed a bag and left for Cheryl’s and LaVern’s in Burbank where the three watched the earthquake damage on TV.

Jim came home and the remodeling of our kitchen began. The kitchen is now white, thanks to Jim’s and Lee’s talents in cabinetry, and our new appliances. Since the earthquake, Jim has been active in the design business, remodeling homes. He and Chris are working close together on many projects. Lee spent 4 days a week for eight months with. Jim et Joyce as he also contracted remodels in the Valley.

Our dear Grandad passed away in March. He is buried in McMinnville as he dearly loved Oregon. His Masonic friends and neighbors. All his loved ones miss him.

Lee passed his California contractor’s exam in April. He owns his own construction and maintenance company. Lee, Lindy and family recently moved closer to the beach and continue to be active in their community and church. Linda continues working at Capistrano Valley Christian School and she loves every minute of it. She still enjoys spending time at home and in the garden. Dena, soon to be 16, is driving, completed the volleyball season at school (Junior Varsity Team was undefeated), and is practicing for the upcoming girls’ soccer season. She received all A’s at school, enjoys spending time with her friends, and is active in her church youth group and their outings. Nathan is a good student but finds the 6th grade pretty tough. I-Tis surfing has greatly improved. Look out wave riders! Lee, Linda, Dena, and Nathan all LOVE surfing! Nathan is now playing ice hockey, truly his dream come nue.

Chris celebrated his 34th birthday this November. He, too, has been remodeling he and Mary’s home since the earthquake. He has started Tarweed Nursery where he grows California native plants. The Tarweed is a Santa Susanna endangered native plant from Chatsworth Lake. Mary continues painting handmade greeting cards in water colors as well as working at Health Net, but she would love to go into the card business full time. This year they vacationed in Northern California where they are looking for property. Their dog, Mercury, sends his best. Dana, Tom, and family are all fine.

Dana is teaching computers for elementary students at Brown Elementary School. She still continues her graphic design business. She is now a green belt in Tang Soo Do, (Chuck Norris style karate). Tom is president of Acordia of Nevada, Inc. (part of a nationwide insurance brokerage firm trading on the New York Stock Exchange.) He still enjoys swimming four days a week and shovels snow for fun. HAHA! Last summer he received a tank of Chevron’s contaminated fuel in the A36 Bonanza. The plane has been downed for months while Chevron replaces the engine. The guys are making many other upgrades on the plane while it is in repair. Adam has grown into a handsome 6 ‘2″ 10th grader at Galena High School. His favorite subjects are art, drama, and English, and he is a marvelous writer. He loves movies and pizza and he hates algebra! This past summer Adam trvaveled to Ohio where he stayed with Tom’s sister, his aunt Carol. He worked at one of the many Perkins Restaurants owned by Tom’s cousin, John Henry. He made good money and enjoyed the work experience.
Natalie, at 11, is an energetic Tang Soo Do Blue belt and loves all her subjects at Brown Elementary School, including her computer class with mom. She sings in the school choir, and has performed at such places as the National Automobile Museum.

Nicholas is a Blue belt, also. He is 10, and loves math and computers. He is still as active as ever, and his hair is still that gorgeous red. Grandma Joyce continues teaching at Pierce and Glendale Community College. She is president of the 51st District Agricultural Association, as a governor’s appointee, and president of Laurel Oaks Republican Women Federated. Of course all of her organization members are pleased with California and U.S. elections. She’s especially pleased that sisters Janice and LaVern, as well as nieces, Cheryl, Vicky and Ronda have shared their political activities. All Joyce’s family have been healthy and active during 1994, Jim and Joyce traveled to Indiana and Washington, D.C. in the spring and have just return from visiting sister Lorene, husband Lowell and family. They traveled onto Washington for Joyce’s commission meeting. All the Van Schaack Family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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