Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2001

Van Schaack Christmas Letter 2001

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This has been a year for active travel for the Van Schaack clan, in the good ole U.S.A. Jim has fantastic photo albums. Here’s the family’s year in a chestnut shell — Lee, Dana and Chris — plus parents Jim and Joyce.

Lee (aka Jim, HI) and Linda took son Nathan to Hawaii, even though the surf was not up! Theirs was a celebration of Nathan’s high school graduation, and retirement from the Christian school for Linda. Nathan has an apprenticeship with San Clemente Sheet Metal. Also, he’s working several evenings a week with a social club. Linda is playing tennis 3 days a week, and regularly triumphing over mom, Joyce. What a great player! Linda is also enjoying a day a week with her mom, Jeanne, and daughter, Dena. All are sorry for the loss of her dad, Bob this year. Dena and hubby, Sean are still working fantastically hard. Dena graduates as a pediatric nurse in May. Sean passed his test to enter U.C.L.A.’s Business Master Degree Program, with a score of 740 out of 800. He has been putting in many hours at his job at Deloitte and Touche. The two moved into a new apartment in Huntington Beach, but will be living at U.C.L.A. where Dena will put her 5 years of college work into action at U.C.L.A. medical hospital. The family is proud of their tenacity_ Lee continues his_ contracting in building and remodeling. Both his clients and skilled crews think he’s the best! At day’s end, you bet that Lee & Linda will be surfing. The families are all still very active with their churches.

Dana also made a trip to Hawaii this year. She attended Ohana, a large gathering of martial artists from around the world, (visit her website USADOJO.COM to learn more). This year she had the challenge of designing a 65 page full color magazine from cover to cover, by herself, in a matter of weeks! She designs everything from websites to trade show booth graphics. Dana has a new Dell Computer with all the bells and whistles. Her production has already increased immeasurably. Son Nick and she have a lovely townhouse in Minden, Nevada. Nick is an I 1 th grader. He worked at Kirkwood ski resorts, and is a terrific snow boarder. He also worked for Jiffy Lube, a dirty job, but “someone has to do it.” He really loves working on cars and motorcycles. Nick spent several weeks in Southern California during the summer with Nathan’s family and grandparents Joyce and Jim. Daughter Natalie lives with dad Tom in Reno. She has been trying different types of work, and she enjoyed traveling east to visit with Tom’s family in Ohio. She will be traveling to Laguna Niguel with Dana and Nick to visit with Grandparents Joyce and Jim for the Christmas holidays. Son Adam has had a successful year working for International Game Technology (IUT). He lives with buddies in Reno, works hard and does 3D computer drawings in his spare time. He turned 22 last June, and is quite a handsome young man.

On to Chris and Mary, who are living in their own home in Ashland, Oregon. Just a ten minute walk to the Southern Oregon University (SOU), where Mary is a fantastic programmer. She continues painting (including their home), has studied voice and sings with a choir. Mary and Chris have traveled a good deal on short vacations. They plan to spend time with family in Southern California for the Christmas holidays. Chris has been studying at the SOU. He was admitted into the Environmental Education Masters Program. The two both love Ashland, the cultural and social aspects. They have many new friends, and invite guests to stay in their spare bedroom. What a treat!

Joyce and Jim have thoroughly enjoyed their travels, many with the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation. This year’s travels included Auburn and New York, N.Y., Chicago, Illinois, Cleveland and Akron, Ohio with extended visits to Indianapolis, Montreal, and Quebec. Traveling to Indiana has allowed visits with her sister Lorene, hubby Lowell and family in Indiana, as well as with her high school friend Barbara Barnes. Jim continues his design work with Lee and several other contractors, jobs include Wells Fargo Bank and the University of Arizona. Golf is a true love, and his Laguna Niguel buddies are great company. Joyce continues her teaching with English Second Language Writing classes, and she’s also coaching computer classes. She too, enjoys her new Dell computer. Her many activities include the Republican womens organization, along with the local and state party; exercises 5 days a week, and tries to get in 3 days a week of tennis. Her California sister’s have had some health bouts, but continue to enjoy their busy lives and their beautiful families. Thanksgiving dinner had 24 family members at the Van Schaack home with LaVern and Janice staying over, traveling home on Amtrak. Family enjoyed friend Gloria Walter, although missed her hubby Jack, who passed away in May.

Although the family continues to travel, they do love their home territory. They would surely enjoy adding family and friends’ photographs to their albums. Do plan to visit them in God’s country, or at All wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season.

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